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DAYS 6 + 7: At Sea

At Sea: With two nights and days at sea, there isn't really a lot to report on... except our bar tab. The weather couldn't have been better. The sea was fairly calm and we saw so many whales between Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, we stopped counting.

Thursday morning, the woman who brings our room service coffee (free; room service is included in the price of a cruise) brought us a huge fruit basket when she came to fetch our coffee tray.

I was very happy to receive this gift and asked who sent us this beautiful fruit basket. She said, "this is from me," and smiled. We are snacking and snacking, but there is no way we will be able to finish this fruit basket before disembarking... and sadly, will not be allowed to bring the fruit into the USA (though I am 99% sure 99% of this fruit came from the USA).

Since we were on the port side of the ship, we had views towards the Baja peninsula and the Mexican main-land on the route south, we now have a view to the open ocean on the way north. Occasionally we see a freighter passing by. Though we know the Carnival and Holland America ships are either in front of us or behind us, we have not seen them from our ship. The sunsets have been amazing.

DT spends a lot of time in the morning exercising... then we begin grazing for food. Sharing a beef knockwurst near the pool. A slice of pizza from the pizza joint. A salad at Alfredo's. Maybe a coffee. On Friday we found ourselves at a beautiful table in the champagne bar. Dave read and did New York Times crossword puzzles, while I needlepointed. We sipped wine and chatted with fellow travelers. Really a very relaxing afternoon.

Our last meal on the ship was again in the Concerto dining room. Later, I will write my review of the dining options on the Royal Princess, but tonight things were just fine.

Look at this old lady sipping on Italian wine, and finishing about half of her perfectly cooked steak.

We saved the signature "Love Boat" dessert photo for the last night. When we took the kids on a cruise to Alaska in 2018, Leo (a total chocolate freak) fell in love with this dessert and ordered it every night. We took photos of ourselves enjoying this treat and sent it off to Leo... you know... to torture him. (PS to Leo: we have saved every single chocolate from our pillow every night on the cruise for you - and Lucy).

After dinner, we met Our New Best Friend, Tony, for the comedy show in the Princess Theater. A.J. Jamal was again hilarious, a bit edgy, and not 100% politically-correct. Probably why everyone was laughing so hard.

As Jimmy Buffett would say, It's been a lovely cruise. Until my next update, hopefully from Indio, I remain your cruising correspondent.

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  1. “I’m sorry it’s ended. It’s sad but it’s true…”

    Glad you had fun and very glad you didn’t get quarantined. How is DT liking “There, There?” I have it on my kindle but haven’t started it yet.

    1. He’s just started the book. I listened to it while stitching and loved it. Thanks for the Jimmy Buffett quote!

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