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Day Dating

Portland, Oregon: We were out of olive oil, so decided a few days ago to take a day off from our rounds of doctor, dentist, physical therapy and other golf assorted appointments required during the short while we seem to be in Portland. We drove out to the local wine country, west of Portland, to spend the afternoon together. And, to be honest, the local wine region is so crowded on the weekends and traffic is so bad, it is best to visit during the week.

Long-time Readers will know the drill: lunch at Dundee Bistro (in Dundee, where I always order their ling cod fish and chips) and a drive up to Durant Vineyards/Oregon Olive Mill to replenish our olive oil stash. (We buy it in a stainless steel jug. ONE GALLON.) The olives are grown and pressed on-site.

Today was no different than many of the other times we have made this trip, except today we were wearing sweaters. Oh, goodness, have we had two days of crazy storms. 90 degrees during the day Wednesday, then, late night, a violent wind storm... hail storm... rain storm... lightning... thunder shaking the house. The storm calmed down just after midnight, and then we were roused again at dawn with another drenching and thunder. We lost our power a few times. Blink. Blink. Just enough to set every electronic clock in the house flashing 12:00. Of course. Several trees were struck by lightning around town, some catching fire! Don't mess with Mother Nature, though a good drenching was really needed around here, especially as we head into the summer wildfire season.

Back to our day...

The Ling Cod Fish & Chips at the Dundee Bistro are so dang delicious - and there was fennel in the slaw. The fries were sprinkled with truffle salt. The Bistro also offered a French 75 cocktail infused with fresh thyme - including a sprig of thyme frozen inside a cigar-shaped ice cube. Too pretty to drink? Nah. Very light and refreshing.

After lunch, we had a stroll through the shops around the restaurant and then continued up the mountain to Durant. Ideally situated at the top of a foothill with views to the north, south and east - this property the perfect spot for a tourist (or local) to enjoy a glass of wine on the lawn outside the tasting room.

On a clear day (not really as often as one may think) you can see Mt. Adams, Mount St. Helens, Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson from this point. We did not have wine (we were here for olive oil), but certainly enjoyed the pretty view west.

I love their striking label.

The view north

Durant Vineyards also own the Oregon Olive Mill, Red Ridge Farms Nursery & Garden Shop, some overnight lodging rooms/cabins, event space (weddings!) and an adorable little shop housing their olive oil (free tastings), olive-wood bowls and utensils, Oregon food gifts (chocolate-covered hazelnuts), cookbooks, and soaps, lotions and potions made with olive oil.

The shop

Garden Shop

Rose hips

It is also our tradition to take our photos under this pretty arch near the parking area:

But today you only get a photo of me. After letting my hair grow for ten months, I decided it just wasn't my thing. Several friends agreed. DT was silent, or was in the "it's your hair, you can wear it how you please" camp. (DT is a wise man.) Yesterday, I had it whacked-off to my usual 4-inch length, and feel "myself" again. Yes, it can sometimes look a muss, but it's no fuss.

If only I were in a sundress instead of a wool sweater.

Until my next update, I remain, your oily correspondent.