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Day 17: Same Results

McMinnville, Oregon: It's Groundhog Day again every day here. Dave continues to test positive for COVID-19 and I continue to test negative. It has been about 10 days since we have dropped all mask wearing around each other, assuming he is no longer contagious. We are still mostly social-isolating and have only visited My Sister (outside). We had so many plans for golf, dinners/visits with friends - all cancelled. Gifts we brought for friends were dropped-off on porches with not even the a glimpse of their faces. Seriously, a very long way to drive for this wimpy result. Up Yours, COVID.

Another consequence of suffering with the virus? So much trash! Daily testing results in heaps of (I assume) bio-hazard snotty swabs and plastic test strips. Not to mention all the packaging. We have now used 34 tests. Possibly we should slow-down on the waste, but we are supposed to attend a wedding this weekend and are desperate for DT to be negative!

Two Big Adventures! We went to brunch (outside) to Red Hills Kitchen at the Atticus Hotel in downtown McMinnville.

Super fun to go out, and super nice that I didn't have to cook.

Our other (outdoor) meal was at Cafe Yumm! on our way to drop-off gifts on porches. For probably the 100th time in a row, I ordered the Hot n' Jazzy bowl - with seasoned tofu:

Best thing ever? Well, pretty much... except something else occurred this week. Leo turned 11. (Lisa is pretty sure he turned 13.) He received an electric guitar for his birthday and had a backyard birthday screening of Jaws for his friends.

Leo's 1st Birthday
Last day of 4th Grade

How did that happen? Whoosh!

Tomorrow we move east for the wedding festivities. Lisa is flying up for the nuptials! Until my next update, I remain, your negative correspondent.

RV PARK: Old Stone Village RV Park. Very nice RV park on Highway 18 just east of McMinnville, Oregon. Long pull-through and back-in full-service sites. Bathhouse. Laundry. Ice machine and vending. Playground/sport court. Nice pool in season. Access to waling trails behind/around the air museum. Ten minutes to downtown McMinnville, 45-60 minutes to Portland. We are paying $350 weekly rate + 10% lodging tax.

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  1. I’m a bit confused. You have been to the track championships, grocery stores, and other places such as restaurants, museums. And now a wedding coming up. Why can’t you see friends, golf (outdoors)? Seems your social distancing (with masks, of course) is pretty selective. Perhaps you need to quit all the testing. Wishing you good health.

    1. Many reasons. One friend is in her 80s, another has COVID. So many people in Portland are testing positive. Not worth the risk just days before the wedding.

  2. Just curious-could your home tests be giving Dave a false positive? Has he had a test at a clinic? You are so on top of things, you probably thought of this.

  3. It’s such a strange thing.. we both had Covid and the doctor said we could test positive for several weeks. Stay safe…

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