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Dave’s Birthday

Los Angeles, California: Like my birthday, which tends to be celebrated all of October, this year My Driver is being feted for several days. He worked out this morning (he has only missed one day this year, and that was the day after he fell last week) and we packed up our bags, took a walk around the hotel neighborhood, then had lunch at the hotel rooftop pool bar/restaurant before checking out.

There must be a notation in the hotel computer system alerting the staff of a guest’s birthday, because we basically had to plead with our lunch server to please not bring another miniature chocolate cake for Dave. She conceded, so brought him a lovely tray of herbed flatbread – compliments of the chef. I was truly surprised they didn’t figure a way to put a birthday candle on the bread slices!

We have been staying at the Montage Beverly Hills, as we were the highest bidder on a two-night hotel stay at a charity auction last year. The hotel is just lovely. Very fancy, but comfortable, with genuinely caring and friendly staff.

The hotel lobby.

Staircase off the hotel lobby

Our room – a premier king.

Another view of the room.

Elegant bathroom.

The view over Beverly Hills – our room, 603, was over the front of the hotel.

Our grandkids didn’t get out of school/after school activities until four thirty this afternoon. Leo had an event at his school, and Lucy was taking a toddler version of botany + flower arranging at her school. Daisies were the subject this week. Every week they learn about a new flower, then make an arrangement featuring the flower to bring home. Lucy loves it!

We met Lisa and Lenny at their new house where a crew were busy working on lighting and wiring. The new addition is finished, the windows and sliding glass walls have been installed. With the framing completed, it is finally easy to envision the floor plan. It will be a great space for their family and now they get to do the fun stuff: choosing cabinet hardware, wall color, and faucets.

When everyone was home from school, I tried a photo session. Lucy cooperated, but Leo refused to do anything but pose while kissing his own biceps… so skinny they could never be mistaken as guns, but he doesn’t care. Lucy wanted to model her new dress.

Lucy is “wearing” Target.

Leo and his “guns”

We all went out to Toluca Lake for sushi for Dave’s birthday at a restaurant he especially enjoys. Leo’s godmother – and Our Blonde Daughter – Angela, joined us.

The birthday boy had a fabulous time at the sushi restaurant, and then we all returned to Lenny and Lisa’s temporary apartment where Lisa has prepared a decadent flourless chocolate-almond cake for her dad.

Flourless Chocolate Almond Cake – Kosher for Passover

Angela and Lucy watch as Lisa and Lenny try to light a lot of candles.


Happy Birthday, Bubba

Lisa served the cake with whipped cream and fresh raspberries.

Another fabulous celebration for our wonderful DT. Happy Birthday!

Until my next update, I remain, your celebratory correspondent.

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