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About a million years ago, when DT was on the track team at the University of Oregon, a new guy transferred-in from New York State - Matt Centrowitz. Matt had a magnetic charming personality. He had a strong New Yawk accent and was big, strong and loved to party. The girls loved him. Centrowitz was also one of the most talented distance runners to ever run for the University of Oregon. A high school stand-out, Centrowitz would end-up holding many American records and representing the US on two Olympic teams.

Duck runners Terry Williams & Matt Centrowitz in 1974

Anyway... fast-forward to present time. Centrowitz is now the track coach at American University and has three children (all remarkable runners). His only son, Matt Jr., runs for the University of Oregon. History is repeating itself, as Little Matt appears to be as talented on the track as his Father - with a dynamic personality. We adore him.

Matt with DT (and a bag-o-cookies) on 6 May 2011

Since his family is on the east coast, we have taken it upon ourselves to be as supportive as possible to Young Matt... which means, we attend most of his races, I bake him cookies, we schlep him back and forth to the airport and occasionally house/feed him. DT loves to tell Matt stories from the Olden Days and Matt loves to hear the tales, especially the fun anecdotes about his Dad. I tell you, there are quite a few good legends from the Glory Days of Oregon Track & Field during the mid-1970s. DT should write a book.

DT was in Eugene all day for meetings (never mind we are going to Eugene tomorrowfor 5 days!), so I spent the day baking cookies for my (second) favorite Duck runner.

Peanut Butter Cookies. This is the first time I have baked this particular cookie for Matt. Loaded with crunchy salty peanuts, I think all the luscious protein in the cookie will give him a ton of energy.Next - Snickerdoodles. This was my Mother's signature cookie. I follow her recipe exactly... except she used shortening and I use butter. Cinnamon-sweet, these cookies will make Matt run really fast.

Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies (prepared without pecans, which I think is a sacrilege, but that's the way the boy prefers his chocolate chippers, so that's the way this lady bakes 'em). Every ingredient in every cookie baked today was organic, including the 5.5 sticks of butter. OMG, can you even imagine consuming 5.5 sticks of butter? I realize the kid runs 12-18 miles a day and I realize he is only 21 years old, but I am not an idiot*. Young Matt is not getting even one cookie crumb until after his races have finished on Saturday! They are tightly (individually!) wrapped and in the freezer until then. Until my next update, from Eugene, I remain, your buttery correspondent. *famous last words, see tomorrow's column.