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Coachella Valley Firebirds

La Quinta, California: Our little town has a new arena and a new hockey team - The Firebirds! The Firebirds are a farm-team of the Seattle Kraken. Our new Acrisure Arena is just fantastic. Built primarily for the ice hockey team, it also hosts so many concerts (Maroon 5, The Eagles), ice shows, Cirque de Soleil, comedians (Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Chappell with Chris Rock), Sesame Street Live, many Mexican and Spanish-language singers - and even rodeo events. We went to watch the Firebirds v San Jose Barracuda, and will return on the 7th to see Jimmy Buffett.

Here is a view of the empty stadium - ready for an ice hockey game

I was in charge of getting the tickets. Why me, I had no idea. The last hockey game I attended was a Portland Winter Hawk game, before I was married. Obviously not a big ice hockey fan. For $10 extra, I could get tickets in the 2nd row, so I clicked the BUY button and we were all set. Except then I had to transfer the tickets to everyone's phone. At least the ticket seller apps are now able to process the transfer via a phone number rather than an email, making the production less of a hassle.

Great seats with great views and
absolutely terrifying when a puck or player slammed into the plexiglass!
Barracuda warming up: I had forgotten how fast they skate...
and how young they are.
Lisa (married to Bruce), me, Marcia (married to Red), DT, Red, and Bruce

This year, Dave and his roomies celebrate their 50 year anniversary. Amazing that four strangers (one roomie was not here) met in the dorms, continued living together throughout their undergraduate years at Oregon and have remained friends all these years. They also have lovely wives.

It was a fast-paced exciting game. The Firebirds won in a sudden-death overtime. The stadium was about 3/4 full. 7p on a Monday night, so very few children in attendance. The food and beverage selection was pretty impressive for a sports arena. Several local restaurants have small outlets at Acrisure.

The other news around town is the one constant topic: the weather. Simply bone-chilling cold for the Coachella Valley this time of year. For the second-only time in our memory we have snow on all the surrounding mountain ranges. Crazy snow. Tons of snow. Snow lower than we have ever seen before. We have suffered through two nasty wind storms that caused many trees to blow-down, and several days of rain. The temperature rarely rises above 60. It even snowed at Lisa & Lenny's house in Los Angeles. Flurries only, but it was cold enough for them to stick. People living in the mountains above town are stuck in their homes as they can't get the roads plowed. The governor has called for a state of emergency.

Baby, it's cold outside

When we had our pool area spiffed-up this summer (during our RV trip), our old BBQ island looked like drek when it was replaced on the new pavers... so DT ordered a new one from our contractor. As long as we were getting a new island for our grill (using the same grill, just in a prettier cabinet), I asked for one gas burner to be installed. Our grill is plumbed with natural gas. So far, it has only been framed:

Our contractor is placing a one-piece ceramic countertop over the top.
Apparently this is the hot new thing. Anyone?

And finally, a little bragging. Another needlepoint project went out of the house and has been received by our great niece. Just what an infant needs? Well, one day. The box comes with a glass topper, but the glass is so thin, this great Auntie thought it safer without.

One day this little box will be filled with Claire's treasures.

Until my next report, I remain, your puckish correspondent.

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  1. The snow on the mountains all around must be a visual delight.
    The greens look great!
    Your hubby is going to enjoy his grilling set up…..you grill too?
    Your eyes must be in good shape for the needlepoint is so pretty
    and perfectly rendered.

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