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Indio, California: The weather today was so perfect. Warm and sunny and no wind! RVers are not the only creatures enjoying this idyllic Eden in the desert - we had several visitors this morning:

DT snapped the above photo through the front window! This bold Roadrunner hopped right up on our chair - probably looking for a lost crumb.

Ducks are everywhere. It is mating season and they are fighting, mating, chasing each other and we have already seen a few little baby ducks. Is there anything cuter than a baby duck?


Speaking of Ducks... a friend sent this today:

Bob Hensley, Lars Kaupang, Paul Geis, Bill Dellinger, Dave Taylor, Gary Barger & Terry Williams

I just love these "flashes from the past" in my inbox. In 1974 the University of Oregon won the NCAA Cross-Country Championship and DT (a sophomore - finished in 5th place!) was on the team. Coach Dellinger holds the trophy. DT thinks the photo was taken in front of a motel in Indiana... but it was taken 37 years ago... so he isn't completely sure.

Thirty-seven years ago? How is that possible?

We decided to try the new Vietnamese soup place again - Pho Vu. Dang, if it wasn't just as delicious as I remembered. And this time I remembered to order the small bowl. I still could not finish my $7 pho.

We returned to find our beautiful motorhome being washed, and...

...a pile of shoes outside the door to our RV. Five smiling girls were inside cleaning! They steam-cleaned the carpet in our slide room, steam-cleaned the tile, steam-cleaned the shower, treated all the woodwork and treated all the leather! In their spare time, they cleaned our entire motorhome from top to bottom. The Magna Peregrinusshines like the day she was delivered. Gleams. All the desert dust is gone. (Dynamic Interior Cleaning - 760.567.0842.)

I am never cooking in this kitchen again.



Sunset tonight.


Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.

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