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Children’s Museum

The kids arrived Thursday afternoon for a several-days visit. We woke to rain this morning, so switched our planned zoo visit to a visit to the Portland Children's Museum. (The Zoo and the Children's Museum share the same parking lot.)

A Children's Museum does not have children on display, but is a very nice indoor play area. Leo visited the water play park, the theater, the veterinarian office, a construction office, a construction site, a restaurant, a supermarket and probably a whole bunch of other activities I can't recall.

Leo put on a plastic apron for the water-play area. The faster he turned the black steering wheel, the more water squirted out of the green spigot... spinning the turntable. Fun!

Kids just love playing in water.

But I think Bubba had a good time as well. Leo wore a safety vest and hard hat in the construction office and a doctor coat in the vet clinic. So much detail in this museum - I was impressed.

Lucy loved going down the slide while Dave and Leo worked on a little construction job.

Lucy had a lot of fun, as there were plenty of areas to amuse every age. The Portland Children's Museum has a great performance stage, complete with stadium seating, a blue velvet curtain and a TV set-up to the little performers can watch themselves. Very cool. Whenever one of the kids closed the curtains, the audience (parents) clapped.

We invited friends and family up to the house Friday afternoon and had a houseful. Another great get-together.

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.