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Checking the Perimeter

Trying to get re-organized. We need to remove some items from the RV, but keep many things in place. The Magna Peregrinus is not going back into storage - she is going back to Eugene in a few days and will serve as our home throughout much of the summer. Dave will spend more and more time in Eugene as Olympic Trials (June 21-July 2) planning heads into over-drive. We will be traveling back and forth, in and out - with a few quick flights down to Los Angeles/Indio. Our housesitter, Brandon, will remain on-premises, watching over Taylor Manor.

I am thinking we should adopt him.

We went around the homestead today, checking the perimeter. Things look a bit overgrown and - of course - our field needs mowing, but it has been too wet to get a tractor out there. Today the weather was gorgeous, and on our walk, I discovered many plants blooming at unusual times. Our camellias and lilacs are blooming at the same time. Very odd. Some azaleas have finished blooming; a few are just starting to flower. The odd Oregon "spring" weather has been so cold and so wet, everything is confused. 

Except the creek. The creek is flowing like crazy, happy as can be.

The heather (or it is heath?) is gorgeous and filled with busy bumblebees.

The lilacs are right on schedule - they are usually ready for Mother's Day.

When this critter (ground squirrel) saw/heard me, he froze on the path directly in front of my feet. Like I couldn't see him standing right in front of me if he was still? I hope this dang rodent is really that stupid, or at least not smart enough to figure out a way to get into our crawlspace.

Pretty rhododendrons are starting to bloom. The gorgeous plants are popular in Portland gardens, but also grown wild all over the northwest corner of our wet state.

The pretty white azaleas are just starting to flower.

The long camellia on our property usually blossoms in late February/early March. Late bloomer, this year.

I had soaked half a pound of the jewel-like black beans (from Rancho Gordo in Napa) in water overnight. This morning I put them in the crockpot with a chopped jalapeno, diced onion, minced garlic, cumin and oregano. The beans stewed all day, filling the entire house with a lovely aroma. We used them as filling for black bean tacos tonight. So delicious, healthy and so easy.

Ah, who cares about flowers & beans? Here is another photo of our cute grandson! Baby Leo has two little toofers now, so Lisa gave a him a few little organic cereal "puff" things, especially made for the mostly-toothless set. I've been using the iPhone to "facetime" (video chat) with Leo. Such fun!

Finger Foodie

Until my next update, I remain, your flowery correspondent.