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Change of Plans

Indio, California:  Last month, while we were staying with the grandkids in Los Angeles, DT (who is rarely sick or injured) hurt his back during a very inspired WWF-style wrestling match with Leo and Lucy. The the injury did not improve. The long days of driving the motorhome south did not help his situation. The pain worsened. I knew it was serious when he stopped jogging about a week ago.

Thing is, Dear Reader, we had reservations to fly from Los Angeles to Taipei Sunday (13th) night - planning to attend a 40-year anniversary celebration of a manufacturing company DT worked with in Taiwan back in the day. We would be in Taiwan for eight days and were so looking forward to attending all the festivities - banquets, touring museums, banquets, shopping and more banquets - with all our old friends and Dave's old co-workers.

After several visits with the doctor here in Palm Springs, Dave finally caved and asked me to cancel the Taiwan trip this afternoon. (We had trip insurance and will only lose a teeny bit of money, thank goodness.) So, we are opening up all the ends we had tied-up for our Taiwan trip and instead are planning our days around his doctor appointments and ice treatments. Everything focused on getting him whole again.

One positive moment in our day:

Chicken taco - $1.89

Dave's doctor is just a few doors from Tacos Gonzalez! We went inside and were greeted with hugs from Senora Gonzalez herownself.

Now, don't y'all worry about My Driver. He is strong. He is in (otherwise) great physical shape. He will heal and will be wrestling with Leo and Lucy very soon.

Still, I will cook him a lot of Chinese food next week.

Until my next update, I remain, your "putting my passport away" correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club