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Catching Up

We returned home yesterday afternoon, just about the time it started to rain. No kidding. We couldn't have asked for better weather for the track meet in Eugene - so I won't berate Mother Nature for the rain today. Instead, I will thank her for yet-againfooling impressing the athletes with Oregon sunshine.

It was a wonderful track meet. I simply burst when I think about Matthew's race. We have watched it several times again on our DVR! Young Matt sent me another text message tonight thanking us for our support this year and giving huge credit to my chocolate chippers for his racing success. (Private message to Usain Bolt: NO. I will NOT bake you cookies.) Centrowitz ran such a smart race, and showed the world he has "another gear". Just in case you missed it - here is the 1500m final at the 2011 National Championships. If you are not a track fan - sigh - fast-forward to the 3-minute mark and watch the fantastic final lap... and watch Matt find his Mom in the stands after his victory. So sweet!

Not only were the athletes in fantastic shape, Historic Hayward Field was glorious. The field grass was deep green, the flowers were colorful and the stands were filled with happy track fans. In appreciation of Dave's volunteer job helping to organize the 2012 Olympic Trials, DT and I were treated like royalty and were given something better than a paycheck - reserved rock star parking in front of the stadium every day of the track meet!

Isn't that just a hoot they included my name on the sign?

And even though we drove back (2 hours) to Portland yesterday... DT returned to Eugene today (in his car) for 2012 Olympic Trials business. (No more rock star parking though.)

In other news: The second-ever RV Goddess Newsletter went out to subscribers last week. This issue included Brother Billy's Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipe, money-saving coupons for California amusement parks, a video on traveling with pets in the RV, a $4-off coupon code for The Camping Journal RV Log Book, and information on up-coming RV rallies. I have only managed two newsletters in the past seven months, so your inbox will not be flooded with email from yours truly - so sign up! It's free.

Wait. Isn't everything on this website free?

I'm so nice.

Meanwhile... down in Los Angeles... Lisa's friend Angela hand-painted a onesie for our future grandson:

Is 6-9 months too young for an iPhone?

Another photo I have been wanting to share with you for days is from fellow RVer Captain Jim. He went fishing on the Mighty Columbia River and was very lucky:

Now that's a salmon!

And my final comment for this evening is really some sort of an announcement. See, I think if I make it public that I have challenged myself to do something, I will be forced to complete my goal or shut down this website go into hiding wallow in shame.

I am going to run 60 miles in July. Not all at once. Strike that crazy thought from your mind right now. I mean, during the month of July, I am going to run 60 miles in total. Real Runners will laugh at my goal, but this a huge challenge for me. And, not only am I hoping to run 60 miles, I am pledging to donate money for every mile to my local food bank. This way we both win! Let's call it "60 in July" and hope this does not refer to the average daily July temperature in Portland.

Any of my Dear Sweet Readers who wish to pledge to their local food bank (or favorite charity of your choice) for every mile I cover are welcome to hop on my band wagon. Maybe you would like to jog/walk a certain number of miles yourself during July? Send me an email.

This goal will be very difficult for this pushing-60-soon-to-be-a-Grandma, but there are NO EXCUSES:

As we say around this house - JUST DO IT.

Until my next update, I remain, your inspired correspondent.