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Catching Up

Portland, Oregon:  We have been away much of the time since arriving "home" from a winter in Indio. We need to stay home to continue our room-by-room, drawer-by-drawer, closet-by-closet purge, in our never ending quest to one day downsize. But later. We've been busy with other things.

To update Dave's knee issue: there isn't much improvement and he can't get into the doctor until next week. He thinks he knows what is wrong with his "good" knee (though, honestly, which knee is good and which knee is bad these days?) so continues to ice, ice and ice both knees. He is still using a cane, but can ride the stationary bicycle for exercise and to help with the "range of motion" issue. This getting-old stuff really sucks sometimes.

I feel fine and must remain fine because I am the only able bodied person in the house. I've been busy reorganizing and cooking healthy foods for My Driver.

Gina gave us three heads of garlic from her prolific organic garden. I peeled the cloves, and they filled a jar. Gorgeous garlic. I used several heads of the garlic to make Mapo Tofu. Garlicky. Spicy.

Potstickers, Taiwan Pickle and Mapo Tofu

And we had company! My Brother Steve and Kris drove to Oregon from Denver, spending a few days with us in Portland, before continuing on to the Oregon coast for a reunion with Kris and her sisters.

Steve and Kris: tired but happy Road Warriors

Dave grilled chicken and we also served a tomato and basil pesto salad with white anchovies, grilled asparagus and a loaf of kalamata olive bread (I bought the bread; did not bake the bread).

We spent Sunday in Oregon wine country. We had lunch at the always-lovely Dundee Bistro before driving to Red Ridge Farms. It was "Lavender Festival" weekend at many vineyards and nurseries this weekend and Red Ridge offered lavender ice cream today... along with samples of their lovely olive oil and wines.

Cute Couple Alert!

Red Ridge Farms and nursery

The weather was outstanding - and so clear we could see Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and Mount St. Helens from the pretty lawn outside the wine tasting area at Red Ridge Farms - Durant Vineyards.

Yep, that's My Driver with the cane :(

Mt Hood from Durant Vineyards tasting room

We did not do a wine tasting (I bought a gallon of olive oil) at Durant, but enjoyed the lavender ice cream and the glorious view. Next, we went up to Domaine Drouhin, where each couple shared a tasting. Dave bought a few bottles of their famous pinot noir to enjoy several years from now. Our last stop was to Ponzi, but that place was crazy-busy with sun and wine lovers, so we came home.

Sunday night, so pizza and a salad. Of course.

Until my next update, I remain, your entertaining correspondent.