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Carbs 2.0

Monday | 28 December 2020 | La Quinta, California: We have been doing what you have been doing. Eating. We have also stepped-up our exercising, but am not so sure the two are equalling-out? It's "the holidays" - we do what we can.

Our adorable family are camped-out in a mountain cabin, quarantining, trying to fill a three-week-from-school break. They had a 30-minute snow storm. Okay, maybe it wasn't an actual storm, but for LA kids, it was something.

We do not observe Christmas, but still celebrate another December 25 birthday: my favorite singer, Jimmy Buffett, turned 74 on December 25th. I baked two burger buns (for our usual cheeseburgers-in-paradise menu), and used the rest of the dough to make cinnamon rolls for the next morning.

(The two little cranberry tarts - trying to use a few cranberries still in the freezer from Thanksgiving - were not consumed... and are still in the freezer. Will we ever eat them?)

Probably not.

Our once-a-year celebration. We blasted Buffett music all day and enjoyed our burgers. Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

Another wonderful reason to live in the desert in the winter? Flowers. (Phone) photos from our walk yesterday:

Birds of Paradise
Yellow pansies in our front garden
Lemons on our tree
More roses!

Until my next update, I remain, your well-fed correspondent.

2 thoughts

  1. Nothing better than “sticky buns” !
    Captain Jim 💕💕s them and has been known to drive to Bristol Farms just for a sticky bun treat
    Wish you’d run around MCC so we could share a wave!

  2. Yummy food!
    I may need to make some sticky buns….. well maybe after
    the See’s Candy is finished. 🤭

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