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Camping with Leo: Day 5

Newport, Oregon: Our original plan was to leave Newport this morning and drive the Magna Peregrinus north to Astoria, stopping at the Tillamook Cheese Factory mid-way. The weather did not cooperate with our plans. It rained here overnight and we woke to a soggy campsite. Steady rain was predicted for Astoria. We were able to re-up for one more night here in Newport, so simply drove up to Tillamook in the Jeep... which enabled us to make a few stops that would have been nearly impossible in a 45-foot motorhome.

I also must put in a plug for RV travel at this point. Having our own house on wheels allows us to jiggle plans. If all else fails, we are self-contained. We can go with the flow, the weather, and the entertainment needs of a five year old boy.

We put water, snacks and Leo in the Jeep and pointed it north. Our first stop was to the Pelican Pub & Brewery in Pacific City for lunch. There was quite a wait. Where do all these people come from on a drizzly foggy Sunday on the Oregon coast? We walked down to the beach while waiting for our table (via a text message!). Leo found an old tree washed-up on the beach and decided to conquer the root system. No matter there was a family having a picnic on the other side of the root.

No quest is too daunting to Leo.

No bowl of pasta is too daunting to Leo. He finished this bowl of noodles in about two minutes. Shoveling. Leo was shoveling.

Leo's Bubbe is in serious need of a fish & chip intervention. Alaskan cod this time. Does it seem any bit healthier that I don't eat the chips? Yeah. Didn't think so.

Next stop was to one of my favorite (if not my very favorite) Oregon food vendor - Jacobsen Sea Salt. Along Netarts Bay, just south of Tillamook, they now have a very small (I mean, like, it is a shed) visitor center-slash-shop where you can shop the goods and see how the salt is evaporated in bubbling vats. Jacobsen has salt, flavored salts, salt rubs, salted caramels and a few other things in the shop.

We visited the shop, Leo sampled their sea salt caramels and I bought a few tins of their Oregon tuna, canned with Jacobsen Sea Salt! So exciting.

This is where the magic happens, people! If you do not know, Jacobsen Sea Salt now produces a 2-pound box of Kosher salt. It is miles ahead of my previous favorite, Crystal Kosher Salt, and is now the only salt I keep in my salt cellar and I use only Jacobsen Sea Salt as a finishing or table salt.

All Oregon. All The Time.

Our final stop of the day - before reversing our route back to our motorhome in Newport - was the highlight of the day, The Tillamook Cheese Factory.

While I usually prefer to not get my food from a "factory", I will happily make an exception if the factory is producing one of Oregon's most famous products: Tillamook Cheese. Leo was so excited to visit the World Headquarters of Tillamook Cheese!

I probably should not have let Leo drive?

Would you let these guys milk your cow?

It was Sunday. No one was factoring cheese.

But they were selling Tillamook Ice Cream like it was their job

Moooooooove over - Leo is in town

Leo may have watched a few videos on his iPad on the reverse route to Newport. The sun showed herself about 30 miles north of Newport and it was warm enough for another swim in the outdoor pool before dinner.

I baked a cheese pizza and served it with Israeli Salad. Leo and I read three more chapters of the Box Car Children (nearly finished!) and Leo was finished for the day. He announces to us when he is ready for bed.

We are leaving in the morning. Not 100% sure where we are going. We will check the weather report, and there is a large chance we will just go home.

Until my next update, I remain, your cheesy correspondent.

RV PARK:  Pacific Shores RV Resort. This place has it all. Indoor and outdoor pools, club house, full hookups. Class-A motorhomes only. All sites are privately owned and rented through the resort or privately. Ocean view sites are available. North of Newport. We paid $90.