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Call Me a Duck (with tickets)

Our day didn't go as planned, though we had a very good day. Our plan was to fetch the RV this morning and spend the afternoon (and tomorrow) loading/organizing the motorhome for our extended trip. This was before we learned via email our BCS Championship Bowl tickets were out for delivery on the UPS truck - and that a signature was required for delivery.

We decided to stay home!

All morning we had emails, phone calls and facebook messages from friends saying they had received their tickets. We were getting very excited!

I printed a little sign to let our UPS dude know we were expecting him.

Even though our UPS driver is a Washington State Cougar, we really like the guy. I know the day UPS delivers football season tickets, basketball season tickets, etc., is a very long and very hard day for the drivers. Not to mention - this is already right in the middle of the busy Christmas shipping season. Poor UPS workers in Oregon and Alabama today!

When I saw the UPS truck out on the road, I rushed to the door.

But it wasn't our usual driver. It was a guy who (I bet) was hired to drive around delivering bowl game tickets. He was so confused, English was not his first language, and he had no idea where he was and he had no idea why everyone was so excited to see him today. Jumping up and down. Taking his photo.

He brought us tickets to the game. On the 50 yard line! Face value on each ticket? $325. (So, did you all remember to order a Camping Journal RV Log Book?)

That is not all the excitement around here today! A University of Oregon singing group, On the Rocks, recent contestants on NBC's The Sing Off, made a very nice music video about life as a Duck student. It is a fun song, has a catchy tune and the video showcases the pretty University of Oregon campus (including a few shots from the track and Historic Hayward Field!).

Proving once again, Oregon is the epicenter of white rappers in America! GO DUCKS!

Until my next update, your "we'll get organized tomorrow" correspondent.