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C. B. E.

Los Angeles, California:  A great day in El Lay, as I was with the Cutest Baby Ever.

Besides terribly missing My Driver, I did not bring my NIKEs (or anything else to wear jogging) on my supposed-over-night trip to Los Angeles. Dang. I ran 17 miles last week and will probably not even run 10 miles this week.

Blame it on Snomageddon.

Or snOMG.

People have died in Oregon and Washington due to this terrible storm. Oregon Governor Kitzhaber has declared several counties disaster areas due to flooding. Entire towns have been evacuated. The little creek behind our house has turned into a river overnight. The situation is so severe, Oregon State University was closed today. I've seen this too often: several inches of snow followed by too many inches of rain = FLOODING all over Oregon. Another scenario adds high winds into the punch bowl - that is when hundreds of soggy-rooted trees fall over. The worst Oregon weather scenario is the cherry-on-the-sundae: freezing temperatures - causing ice-covered power lines and trees to fall... causing thousands to lose electricity for days and hundreds of cars to crash into ditches (or other cars).

We can't pump our own gas, but we know weather.

In Los Angeles, the weather was just lovely. Lisa and Lenny trusted me with their boy today. Leo and I had a lot of fun, but he was quite clingy and did not want to be put in his crib or bouncy chair for long. He wanted someone to hold him... and by someone... that would be me.

Here is my charge - still in his jammies.

I sent this iPhone photo to my gal-pals this morning... Leo crashed-out on my chest. Every time I tried to put him in his crib, he would wake up and start to cry. After the third attempt, I caved and let him sleep on my chest. It is well-padded, and there is nothing like a sleeping baby on your chest to remind you of what is right with this world.

The Little Charmer rolled over from his back to his tummy today - in his crib - and then pulled himself the length of the crib using the railing. Genius!

The George Washington University - Class of 2032-ish.

Other important skills include blowing loud raspberries, sucking several fingers at the same time and charming his Bubbe to tears with one smile.

I was relieved mid-afternoon. Lenny & Leo went to a play date and I went to the mall to buy underwear something to wear.

My Driver is confirmed on a flight from Portland tomorrow afternoon!

Until my next update, I remain, your exhausted correspondent.