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Los Angeles, California: I'm pretty sure I want to be a toddler again. Leo went to school today in a bathing suit because Wednesday is "Water Day" all summer at his preschool. They set up a kiddie pool at the bottom of the slide. How fun is that? Sprinklers, misters, several blow-up pools - even a Slip-N-Slide.

After exercising, and while Leo was at school (and Lenn was at work), Dave, Lisa and I went on a little adventure. Our Nester is planning to reupholster her (8 year) old dining chairs, so we went downtown to the "Fashion District" to visit the Michael Levine fabric store.

Not only does the shop have a zillion and two bolts of fabric for sale by the foot, they also have a zillion and three sample books where fabric can be ordered. Michael Levine is a needlepointer's dream - every conceivable fabric choice to finish your needlework creations into pillows. I found the perfect fabric to finish my current canvas into a pillow. It rang up at $2.04.


Lisa found two good choices to reupholster their dining chairs, and brought home fabric swatches to discuss with Lenny. I can't wait to learn their decision, as both choices are very untraditional.

Our Girl has a good eye.

Instead of a planned stop to Costco, we made a last-minute we-just-passed-the-exitdecision to have lunch at a place I have been wanting to visit in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles - Good Girl Dinette - "American Diner Meets Vietnamese Comfort Food". During the week, the Good Girl Dinette is a Vietnamese restaurant and on the weekends they add old-school American pies to the mix. Quite a concept. Apparently it is some sort of hipster hang-out and according to Lisa there were rock stars in the restaurant this afternoon.

News to me.

Fried Chicken Imperial Rolls

Fresh Spring Rolls with Tofu

Fresh Spring Rolls with Tofu

Beef Pho

Galangal Chicken Banh Mi - Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich

I was fairly impressed with the short menu at Good Girl Dinette and thought the quality of the food was top-notch and the prices were ridiculously low - even for Los Angeles. (We did not try pie, so cannot comment on dessert.) Our server was very professional and knew the menu upside down and backwards. Their fish sauce is made with anchovies (not shellfish), making our options nearly limitless. Yeah!

Next we fetched Leo from his soggy preschool, where he was pretty-much worn-out from all the water play. His lunchbox was empty - another good sign of a busy and active morning at school.

Pop Goes the Weasel (or Curious George... whatever...).

Leo created some sort of vehicle (I can not for sure tell you this was a car, boat, plane, space ship or metaphysical transport system) to carry critters to Oregon.

Every time Leo says Oregon, he breaks-out into the Duck Fight Song.

Leo wasn't the only person in the family building amazing structures with the Magna-Tiles. DT constructed a hotel for animals.

Our Little Dude took a nap - with his stick pony - on the floor of his playroom. Too sweet.

Dave and I watched Leo this evening while Lisa and Lenny went on a tour of the hospital where Baby Girl will be born next month. When they returned, we shared an easy dinner - leftovers from the party last night - before Leo had a bath and bed.

Another Big Day tomorrow.

Until my next update, I remain, your busy correspondent.