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Bus Wash & Wax

"Honey, there's a man on our roof!"

At eight o'clock this morning, the crew from Dynamic Mobile Detailing (760-250-5815) arrived to wash our motorhome and give her the annual waxing, and at 8 o'clock DT left for his day-long meeting.

It was up to me to oversee the job.

The bus is hosed-off, including every awning.

Every inch of the RV is washed, including the roof.

Any compartment that is open to the road - the generator (pictured above), the propane tank and the engine - is washed.

Then the motorhome is dried by hand. A blower is used to dry behind any crevice, awning cover or bay door hinge.

Now the crew applied a wax-like substance. I cannot tell you exactly what product is used (only because I have no idea), but it has some sort of polymer (again, no idea) that protects the RV paint job and makes it shine like an Oscar Night ball gown.

Next, the Magna Peregrinus was hand-rubbed to a glorious shine.

The wheel rim hub-cappy-thingys are polished and the tires are treated as well.

Now that's just pretty.

So shiny! Our motorhomes looks better than when she came out of the factory!

Then the awnings are extended, so they can dry completely and the crew runs around looking for even one little stray drop of water to dry.

And then the guys are off to the next job. With a crew of seven workers, the work was completed in around three hours. Paul charged $390. Paul Samuel and his sister, Carol operate Dynamic Mobile Detailing (760-250-5815) and are very pleasant. They work in most of the RV resorts in the Coachella Valley. Most of the crew have been with the company for over 10 years and are a great group of guys. Hard workers!

About two hours later, they stopped by again to check for errant water droplets.

My overseer task complete, I was so lonely without my husband all afternoon left to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Until my next update, I remain, your buffed correspondent.

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