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Blog Fail

Indio, California: I have kept a website to chronicle our travels since the late-90's. It began as a (private website) way for our family and friends to see where we were as we traveled around in our motorhome (plane, auto, cruise ship, etc.) and has developed into this mega-mess of travel, recipes and photos of Leo. Still, the number-one reason I write this journal is for my own records.

I also read way-too-many bloggers. I read a lot of food blogs, running blogs and numerous travel and RV blogs. Some are quite good. Some are simply horrid.

Many are just boring.

Does anyone care that you woke up, had coffee, read the paper, looked at Fox News, showered and took the dogs for a potty walk? Maybe that's all that happened around your place today... doesn't mean it deserves a blog post.

FYI: I get up every morning (so far). Drink coffee. Ship orders. Read blogs. Go for a run. Shower. Go to the post office. I do not look at Fox News.

Another thing that bothers me about travel bloggers is when you have no idea where they are located. No dateline. No map. Or they will write "we are camped at Rustic Acres RV Park", like everyone knows this campground (except me!). And what's with the teeny-tiny photos that you have to click to view? And what about bloggers who rarely update their websites?

I try to keep my website consistent and clean. Left-hand column for business, right-hand column as hopeful income generation and a wide center column for a few (hopefully interesting) descriptive words and large (hopefully interesting) photos. I let Readers know on every page where we located and Readers get to see the big round head of the writer. If we don't do anything, I don't write a column.

But that is just how I do things at RVGoddess.com. Other bloggers do it their way. That is the beauty of blogs - complete control over how your life is presented to the world.

We came across this situation recently. I hope this guy has a blog - seems he may have a tale to tell.

What do you like in a RV blog? What keeps you coming back to read a travel website? What blogs do you read regularly? Share your favorites below. What bothers you about blogs? What do you like and dislike about my blog?

Until my next update, I remain, your blogging correspondent.

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