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Bakersfield, California: We woke to sunny skies in Los Angeles this morning!

Through the window of room 811 at the W Hotel in Hollywood

The W Hotel refers to our room as a "city view fabulous" room.

W Hotel Hollywood lobby

The W Hotel in Hollywood has a fantabulous lobby. We could not see the lobby last night, as it was wall-to-wall people enjoying cocktails from the bar. I did not even know the black sofas were in the lobby! Apparently Drai's night club is at the top of the red curved staircase. Quite a stunning lobby in the daylight.

Lisa was sleeping busy preparing for her Oscar Party tonight, so Dave and I visited the Los Angeles Farmer's Market before heading over to visit our girl this morning. This Farmer's Market is really just a conglomeration of specialty shops and restaurants, next to a shopping center - but it really isn't that touristy. I needed a quarter pound of a strange Greek cheese that I was fairly certain I would not be able to find easily in Bakersfield, but I found it immediately at the LA Farmer's Market.

We also found teeny doggie biscuits for our Grand Dawg, Reese, at the Three Dog Bakery. Three teeny tiny miniscule dog cookies for $1.75! (I think the W Hotel and Three Dog Bakery are in pricing cahoots.) We would not spend $9 for a bottle of water at the W, but we bought our pup a few treats!

Water is over-rated.

Our breakfast - beignets from The Gumbo Pot, a New Orleans-style booth at the LA Farmer's Market. They were not exactly the same as a beignet from the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, but were delicious just the same. (NOTE TO SELF: Do not wear a black sweater while eating a beignet.)

At the Farmer's Market we also saw:

Gourmet candy apples... only looked.

Marzipan (almond paste) Pigs. We did not buy these candies because we don't eat pork.

Before heading back to Bakersfield, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Dusty's Bistro in Silver Lake with Lisa and her friends, Renee and Claudio. Claudio is a car designer from Florence, Italy and has just been transferred to Los Angeles. Renee is a hair dresser. Just before lunch, Renee gave Claudio a hipster haircut in Lisa's dining room!

Stylish Claudio

Lunch at Dusty's was crazy. They were so busy. Several television stars were in the restaurant (as per usual) and we had to wait about 40 minutes for a table. We were appeased by Dusty's own orange-strawberry mimosas. Delish.

Is anyone having a Berlin flashback here? Remember when I had wiener schnitzel every day for eight days?

One last doggie snuggle and we were in the Honda, heading back to Bakersfield.

Tomorrow we are driving to Death Valley National Park for a four-night stay. I hope you all check-in tomorrow to read about our next exciting adventure.

Until my next update, I remain, your "I'm watching the Oscars" correspondent.

RV Park: Bakersfield RV Resort. Full-service, 50-amp gravel pull through. Free wifi, nice pool and spa, great fitness center, on-site bar and restaurant (very good). Fancy bath house. Camping World across the street.