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24 hours in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California:  I made a fool out of myself on the RV park treadmill, while DT ran circles around the campground. Then we left the Magna Peregrinus at the RV park and drove the Honda to Los Angeles to spend 24 hours with our daughter, the Lovely Lisa. We had reason to celebrate - Lisa, a publicist, just started a new job! Yeah, Lisa. We are very proud of our girl.

After arriving at her house, we three went right out again to bring a few things to her new office. It was great to see her new workspace and help her settle-in. Of course, we went to lunch as well - to Factor's Deli on our way to Lisa's office in Beverly Hills. Factor's is a Jewish-style restaurant... meaning they serve traditional Jewish favorites, but the restaurant is not kosher and you can get bacon on your cheeseburger.

Forget about what I said Friday about never eating again.

Reuben Sandwich

Brisket Breakfast Scramble

Chicken Salad over Avocado

Lisa has a roommate now, so her guest room is no longer available to us - we had to check into a hotel. Weeks ago, we chose the newly-opened W Hotel in Hollywood - because the hotel is conveniently located near Lisa's house - completely forgetting this was Oscar weekend. Later we learned the W was also having a "soft" opening of their nightclub, Drai's, tonight. By the time we had this all figured-out, there wasn't another hotel room for 100 miles (because of the Academy Awards), so to the W we went.

W Hotel in Hollywood, California - quilted grey leather wall and silver leather window seat

W Hotel in Hollywood, California

Obviously this hotel room is crazy-mod. The round white leather-quilted table in the corner is a refrigerator. They provide a small bar on the top of the fridge. You can get a ten ounce bottle of gin for only $33. Bottled water was $9. We didn't... I'm just saying it was available.

In a bit, we were dressed for dinner and back to Lisa's house for a celebratory glass of champagne. Tonight we dined once again at Barbrix in Silver Lake. Our entire family just loves Barbrix, and Lisa is a regular at this "small plate" (where you can order many different appetizer-sized menu items to share) restaurant. Barbrix was just named one of the "Ten Best New Restaurants" in Los Angeles, so now it will be very difficult to get a reservation.

It poured rain all evening in Los Angeles. Miserable. All the actresses will have frizzy hair and soggy gowns tomorrow on the red carpet.

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.