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Back in the Valley

Merced, California: We enjoyed a restful night, snug under our duvet, dry-camped at Stanford Stadium. Dreaming of the next game. Filing this loss away in our memory banks. We slept away, until about dawn, when the clean-up crews arrived. Porta-potties were hauled-away, fences were removed, video trucks stowed massive satellite dishes, RV's started their engines and headed toward home (or the next game). In the middle of this organized chaos, a gun fired to mark the start of a fun-run. We packed it up and headed east.

More admirers of the Magna Peregrinus chatted with DT as he hitched-up the Honda. The Stanford fans were so nice to us - thanked us for coming and told us they could not believe how many Ducks flocked down to Palo Alto. It was a fun two days, and except for having to move camp (and the final score), we really enjoyed our visit. Thank you Stanford University! (NOTE: this thanks does not extend to one particular Tree running back named Toby Gerhart... though I really do think he is fabutabulous.)

On our way to Merced, I told DT I was craving a cheeseburger. Since he is the best husband ever, he pulled over and bought me this juicy eight-million calorie morsel. Eating this cheeseburger breaks every single food tenet in my book.

I will have to run about eight million miles to work it off.

Sometimes a girl just needs a cheeseburger.

Our tailgate friends started their drive back to Oregon - with one planned stop along the way. Apparently there is a liquor store just south of the Oregon border selling booze at ridiculously cheap prices. Since our friends were stopping at the Liquor Expo, I asked them to please check to see if there was room in the parking lot for the Magna Peregrinus... just in case we wanted to make a stop on our way home. Mary took this photo with her phone - and sent it to me with the caption: If a helicopter can fit, so can the MP!

Don't Drink & Fly

We arrived in Merced - which is suffering from a Plague of Flies - to spend a few days with DT's family. Never in my life (including years in SE Asia) have I seen flies in such numbers. It is absolutely disgusting. Dave opened the door of our motorhome for three seconds and later swatted (and murdered) over 30 creatures which had swarmed inside.

Luckily, his Mom's part of town is fly-free, so we enjoyed time outside - it was a beautiful, sunny day. Brother Kent grilled chicken thighs and Niece Kira styled DT's hair with a lovely pink tiara.

Grilled chicken thighs with lemon

Kira & her Uncle Bubba

Our friends have made it safely back home to Oregon. We will all meet up again on Saturday in Autzen for the Arizona State game.

Until my next update, I remain, your Merced correspondent.

RV Park: Castle Air Museum - We stay here quite often as it is close to family. Basically a parking lot with 8 RV spaces. Dry camping available if the campsites are full. Full hook-up sites with 50 amp. No cable, no wifi. Dump station. First night fee gives you membership to the Air Museum. No frills here. Pets welcome - lots of lawn for them to roam. On-site host, Sandy, is a very nice lady. $30.