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Back in the Saddle

Well... not really.

After remaining at home for one solid week with a nasty cold-thing, I decided (yesterday) that enough was enough and I was going to feel better today. I did not. Still, I ran a few miles on the treadmill and made a trip to the grocer. Probably not a wise decision on my part, but we were running seriously low on supplies.

Even Lynn Rosetto Kasper couldn't find anything to cook in this fridge.

FOOD DAY - when we were all supposed to cook healthy foods. Well, dang, isn't it (nearly always) FOOD DAY around here? Today is also MEATLESS MONDAY, so I decided to make an old stand-by - Tofu & Baby Bok Choy in Sesame-Ginger Sauce. This dish has been a family favorite since Lisa was in high school.The recipe comes together quickly and is served over rice (grown by our neighbors in California).

First, a block of extra-firm tofu is sliced and fried until brown and left to drain on paper towels.

The greens are lightly and quickly sauteed, a sauce is poured over all, the tofu triangles are tossed back into the mixture and dinner is served!

Generously serves two.

Okay, I did my part, America.

In other news, our contractor is really going to town on the marble floor installation!

This part of the job is speedy because the tiles are 12x24-inches.

The little spacer-thingies were removed from the shower tiles this morning - so now it is much easier to see the nearly-finished product. The tiles still need to be grouted. By the way - the top of the glass shower door will reach the black accent line... you know... just in case Kareem stops by.

Looking good!

Until my next update, I remain your FOOD DAY correspondent.