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Babies R Us

Los Angeles, California: Yes, Bored Reader, we once again find ourselves in an over-priced hotel room in The City of Angels.

Same hotel as last weekend. Yet somehow $10 cheaper. Maybe because our view this weekend does not include the Griffith Park Observatory nor the HOLLYWOOD sign? Who knows? Who cares? We are only here to sleep and shower.

Croque Monsieur - which Dusty's prepares with turkey for we non-ham-eaters

The Lovely Lisa and Lenny do about 17 things every day. I cannot keep up with all this activity. After we arrived this morning, we were immediately driven over to Silver Lake for "brunch" at Dusty's. We have dined at Dusty's countless times, and always enjoy a satisfying meal at this interesting bistro - not to mention the place is crawling with celebrities.

After brunch/lunch we went to Babies R Us with Lisa and Lenny to have a look-see at what they will be needing to rear our grandson. I am sure most of you know about this store, but I have never set foot inside a Babies R Us. The Lovely Lisa was 7 years old when we moved back to America and Babies R Us simply did not exist... or if it did, we no longer had a baby...

I was shocked amazed at the amount of plastic stuff available for infants at Babies R Us. Completely a different planet from when we had a baby. Lisa was born in a third-world country. Her milk was provided the old fashioned way. She was bathed in the kitchen sink. Somehow she still thrived. Learned to walk. Learned to read. Graduated from college.

DT and I love all the new safety car seats and fancy car seat/stroller "systems". Can't even imagine all the engineering going-on to develop these contraptions. Lisa is usually horrified when I tell her about my baby brother laying in his infant "safety bed" behind the drivers seat of my Mom's 1964 Ford Galaxy. Should I tell Lisa about life before seat belts? Before bicycle helmets? Nah. 

Probably best we just read all the brochures at Babies R Us.

I think this grandparent business is going to require a lot of homework.

Tonight we had the pleasure of meeting Angela's Mom for the first time.

Mary, Angela & (Angela's boyfriend) Kosta

Lisa has visited Angela's family in Athens and they have adopted Lisa as one their own. It was so lovely to meet Lisa's Greek family tonight in Los Angeles.

Until my next update, I remain, your Los Angeles correspondent.