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ASIA WEEK: Spicy Chinese Beef Pot

DT and I were going to be out much of the day gathering items for a tailgate brunch we are hosting before the Oregon v Wyoming game at Autzen Stadium this weekend, so popping the ingredients for Spicy Chinese Beef Pot in the slow cooker solved the "what's for dinner" question. I really urge you to try this great recipe as soon as your weather turns.

Speaking of weather turning... I had at least five "high wind warnings" delivered to my phone today. We (all of NW Oregon) experienced terrible winds overnight and all day. We were awakened over and over again last night by random branches and fir cones plopping onto the decks and roof. BANG!

Lots to clean up as soon as the wind stops.

As the Saturday football game kicks-off at 11a pacific (Pac12 Network), we are offering a "bagel bar" for our guests, with assorted condiments - and fruit. Lots of fruit. Some of the fruit will be served in the form of orange juice to mix with either vodka or bubbles... but we are offering fruit.

And vegetables. Bloody Mary mix is a vegetable, right?

I hope you have enjoyed the past four days of Asian and Asian-inspired recipes in my "Asia Week" salute - and my personal trip down Memory Lane. It has been a fun process for me - not to mention the flood of memories from all the photos I had to dig-through to find the few posted here.

Seems like yesterday. Seems like another life time.

The recipe I made today is super easy and tastes just like something you can find in a zillion restaurants lining any alley in Taiwan, but everything goes in a slow cooker. No greasy stir-fry mess.

The flank steak just melts in your mouth!

I also blistered a few Padron peppers as an appetizer and we also enjoyed a simple avocado and orange salad (that did not photograph well).

Spicy Chinese Beef Pot recipe

We will head to Eugene in the morning and spend the afternoon prepping foods for the tailgate. After the game, we are not coming home - but are taking the bus out for a little exercise.

Until my next update, I remain, your rice-eating correspondent.