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Around the RV park

Eugene, Oregon: DT and I arrived to Eugene yesterday evening. We set up camp (i.e. pushed a few buttons and flipped a few switches) and then went to dinner with a group of young athletes. Nothing like watching a runner eat!

My Beloved had meetings today at the University, so I martyred volunteered myself to stay at the campsite all day without a car. I had a very enjoyable day - I worked on a few projects, spent a little time with Don Draper, peeled five pounds of potatoes and produced a massive bowl of potato salad for our tailgate tomorrow evening. I wrote down every ingredient and if the salad is greeted with positive reviews, I will post the recipe.

It was not an easy task, creating a 9.4 pound bowl of potato salad in a RV kitchen.

Luckily, I'm a RV Goddess.

The weather was too beautiful to keep me indoors for long.

Look at that! Not a cloud in the sky!

The trees are just starting to turn color.

No, I did not run to the top of the Coburg Hills today. Tomorrow? Maybe. DT has just mapped-out a flat three-mile course for me and his route seems more inviting than running to the top of the hill in the above photo.

Premier RV Resorts has a pretty little lake/large pond on their property.

With pretty geese.

This is Abby. Her owners are camped on the lake at Premier RV Resort. Abby is 12 weeks old. She is an Australian Shepherd-Poodle mix - a hybrid called "Aussiedoodle". Who knew?


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GAME NIGHT INFO: Just a gentle, friendly reminder - the #1 Ducks will face the UCLA Bruins Thursday night. The game is live nation-wide on ESPN. 6p pacific/9p eastern. The University has requested everyone in the stadium wear yellow. Watch the game. Wear yellow. Send me (goddess @ rvgoddess.com) photos of your family room tailgate party!

Until my next update, I remain, your BEAT THE BRUINS correspondent.