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Another Weekend in LA

Los Angeles, California: It was once again time for the annual fundraiser dinner/dance/auction for Leo and Lucy’s school. The theme this year was a Roaring 20’s scheme (very popular as this year is 2020). We arrived to Los Angeles just as the kids returned home from school Friday afternoon, and enjoyed a fun afternoon playing. The last time we were in LA, Lisa, Lucy and Lenny had the flu (not THAT flu) and we stayed only long enough to drop-off Leo before hitting the highway back to Indio. We missed everyone SO MUCH!

Lisa prepped another delicious meal and we spent the evening together, catching-up and building LEGO palaces.

Saturday was ballet for Lucy (photo above, after class, with nose-sticker?) and piano for Leo. Leo is learning Baby Shark for a talent show performance (with dancers), and Lucy is studying seriously for her upcoming ballet recital. Lucy is 5; Leo is 8.

Leo’s piano teacher is some sort of genius. Leo has improved 1000% since his new instructor stepped in.

After lessons, while Lisa and Lenny were helping set-up for the fundraiser, we took the grandchildren to yet another perfect slice to Tomato Pie Pizza Joint. They make one of my favorite pizzas ever: The Syracuse. It’s like Buffalo wings... except on a pizza.

Are you tired of seeing photos of this pizza? It’s the best.

Lisa and Lenny dressed up in their best Roaring 20’s finery and went out for the evening, leaving the ‘rents in charge. Seriously, what a beautiful couple.

Dave and I took the kids to a local Vietnamese pho place for dinner. This noodle soup restaurant served such a massive bowl, we had the kids split a bowl. They finished their soup, and then Leo came begging for more from my bowl (DT had a rice bowl.) How can a 44 pound and a 33 pound kid eat so much? Back at the house, we gave the kids a yellow “GO DUCK” candy from Mary and Captain Jim. Sugar over-dose.

Sunday morning, everyone was moving a bit slow (party people v kids staying up late to watch the Ducks beat Stanford in basketball). We went to the local farmer market:

Such beautiful produce! Organic! We had such a great time shopping and chatting with so many neighbors and schoolmates. It was only 66 degrees this afternoon in Los Angeles (a great day if you were running the LA marathon).

Leo had a recent run-in with a water/drinking fountain at a ball field, requiring stitches to his chin.

He is still absolutely perfect.

We are now back in Indio and pondering our hotel reservations and expensive tickets to the PAC-12 men’s basketball tournament in Las Vegas Wednesday.

Will they stay or will they go?

Until my next update, I remain, your virus-free correspondent(s)

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  1. How Lisa & Lenny found those incredible outfits – do they have access to Hollywood costuming? Kids are too cute (and your pics could be used for their modeling portfolio – seriously, they’re living in LA! LOL)

    After cancelling the Indian Wells International Tennis Tournament, I’d take bets that PAC-12 will play…without an audience. Any takers?

    1. Mark: Lenny is wearing the suit from their wedding (years ago) with borrowed suspenders and bow tie. Lisa is wearing a LBD (little black dress) with a borrowed metallic collar and amazon.com head-piece. Her shaggy faux-fur coat is many years old.

  2. Hi: When looking for a home on a golf course, I would be concerned about who owns the golf course. I know several cases recently, where the golf course was privately owned. The owner later sold the golf course for condos and apartments, leaving the homeowners without the golf course and no green belt around their property. One case in northern Arizona, they just abandoned the golf course and it is now a huge weed patch. Very sad.

  3. I must say Phil’s comment hits home in our neighborhood of Arizona. The owner of this community’s golf course went broke in 2008-2009 and abandoned the golf course to the weeds. Sad–most of the trees have died, the club house has gone to ruin, the ponds are dry. This was all before our time–we purchased in 2017. Currently a vineyard owner has purchased the old golf course, fenced it with ugly 8 feet tall wire panels and has planted grapes–we can only hope it starts to look better than a weed infested former golf course. Thankfully our property is out in the country, we have six acres and mountain views instead of vineyard fencing.

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