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Another Project

When we built Taylor Manor, nearly 20 years ago, a walking path was constructed around the house. Let me explain... we have no lawn. Our house is on several acres, set back from the road. We are in a forest. We have a field to the south, a forest to the east, a forest to the north and a circular drive to the front/west of the house. We added foliage - trees, shrubs, flowers - and whatever hasn't been consumed by deer remains. It's rustic. It's wild. It's easy maintenance.

Twenty years ago, this path looked awesome. Pea gravel. These days the steps have rotted away. The liner under the rock is rotting away. The gravel is washing away. Time for a re-do.

DT is in-charge of this project. He hired the contractor and chose the stone.

I am only supervising.

A few days ago, several tons of blue stone slabs were delivered to our driveway.

DT did an excellent job choosing the paving stones! Beautiful.

I had to add this photo - the last remaining bloom in our garden. Goodbye, summer.

The team started working right away. They cleared the pea gravel from the original walkway and began setting stones along the footpath.

The work is somewhere between a jigsaw puzzle and Tetris.

The pallets in the driveway are disappearing (and the trees are turning brilliant colors).

It is an amazing and impressive job to watch. A combination of hard physical labor and artistry in tandem.

From the upper deck (off the kitchen) the view is much improved and we can't wait to see the finished project.

Until my next update, I remain, your stoned  correspondent.