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An Outing

Los Angeles, California: Little Lucy has been out a few times, because there is no stopping her Momma. Lisa doesn't let having a baby a week ago stop her from a normal routine. Go. Go. Go.

Today Lisa had errands at The Americana - a fancy outdoor shopping mall built to resemble an Italian village if an Italian village happened-to-be situated in Glendale, California. I actually quite like this "mall". I love the quality of the shops (Nordstrom!), restaurants and really enjoy the cute street car, fake lawn and dancing fountains in the "lake". (Think Las Vegas on a very small scale.) The Americana holds "Children's Day" each Tuesday and offer all sorts of free activities for the kidlets. Leo danced and played games to a live band with Lenny and Gramps while Lisa and I shopped and ran errands. (Seriously, you can leave your car with the valet and he will have your car washed - inside and out - for $20 while you shop.)

Enough of a breeze was blowing to get Leo and DT a little wet during the lake fountain "show". Leo was laughing so hard - he was so excited to feel the spray. Is three the greatest age ever for kids?

We had a delicious Japanese lunch at Katsuya. We all just love this restaurant and were able to secure a table outside on the shady patio this afternoon for our meal.

Blistered Shishito Peppers

Sushi roll

Fried Chicken - Japanese-style

Japanese Happy Meal: Kids eat free at Katsuya and the meals are delivered in "boats". Leo had the veggie tempura with an avocado roll... plus two Oreo cookies. Leo ate the cookies first. Naturally.

Back at the ranch, Dave and I had a little Lucy time while her brother napped. Lucy is still just so dang T I N Y !

Is one week the greatest age ever for kids?

Just for fun... let's go back... way back... 1981-back... to the day after Lisa was born... when we brought (all 6 pounds, 6 ounces of) her home from the hospital in Manila, Philippines.

Were we 12? Does Lucy resemble Lisa? Why was I wearing a satin bed jacket? What were we thinking?

Dave and I are flying back to Portland tomorrow, so we kicked Lenny, Lisa and Lucy out tonight and had a special dinner with Leo. (The kids went down the street to a local bistro and Lucy slept through the entire meal in her baby seat.) Before dinner, Leo and Bubba built an amazing tower for Leo's vast animal collection:

Later, some serious coloring occurred.

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.