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Afternoon in Wine Country

Portland, Oregon:  We eased our way back into our normal diet, spending the afternoon in wine country, starting with lunch at Dundee Bistro. I had a little bit of fish. It was delicious and delicious to have a meal in a restaurant that did not require "taking a number".

After lunch we drove up into the hills above Dundee to Red Ridge Farms/Durant Vineyards to buy olive oil at Oregon Olive Mill. (One hilltop estate, with many enterprises: olive oil, a gift shop, a garden shop/nursery, vineyard, and lodging.) We go here several times a year to purchase their olive oil. By the gallon.

After our purchase, we walked over to the vineyard tasting room. We did not taste, but strolled down to see the pinot gris grapes, nearly ready to harvest.

The tasting room at Durant had a display of their rose, with a very Halloween-friendly version of their usual raven label:

My Driver is especially fond of rose made with pinot noir, so a bottle came home with us.

It was a beautiful day in Oregon wine country.

I prepared a late supper at home. Not vegan, but low on the food chain. Back in August, in England, during the World Championships, we had a salad with arugula, mozzarella and sun-dried smoked tomatoes. I have been searching for sun-dried smoked tomatoes since and finally found a bag (at Amazon, of course). I put a handful of the tomatoes in olive oil and let it marinade for several days in the refrigerator, then recreated the salad for us tonight:

It wasn't exactly the same as the salad we enjoyed in August, because I could not find burrata, so had to substitute fresh mozzarella. The cheese was fine, because it was the flavor of the smoked tomatoes I was craving. The salad went well with Butternut Squash Risotto.