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A Visit from Carla

Indio, California: Our niece, Carla, has decided to move back to the Left Coast and return to school after a two year break working on political campaigns. A moving company is dealing with her furniture/belongings, so Carla loaded up her (very teeny) car and her (very not teeny German Shepherd) and pointed it west, visiting friends and relatives along the way. Carla took the more-weather-friendly-in-January southern route.

When asked what she wanted for dinner upon her arrival in Indio, Carla requested nothing fried, nothing in a paper bag, nothing that can be super-sized - basically nothing like the road food she had been consuming over the past several weeks. Vegetables. She wanted vegetables.

Vegetables I can do!

And it was so easy to drop a dressed bird over the top. DT carved the chicken and we served the entire mess over a thick bed of fresh arugula leaves. Dinner and a Salad!

While here, Carla and I walked three-to-four miles every morning with her dog and we let the pooch run wild in the new dog park on the grounds of the Motorcoach Country Club.

One night, Mary and Captain Jim took us for a sunset cruise on their yacht electric boat. Here is a view of our campsite from the lake:

Our bus is smack-dab in the center of the above photo.

Still in my sweats from exercising, we pose along the canal before Carla hit the road - finally pointing her car north towards Portland (and her Mother).

Of course, with one stop in Los Angeles to visit her cousin, Lisa - and Lisa's family. It was wonderful to spend a few days alone with our beautiful niece!

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club