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A Different Team

Eugene, Oregon: Not exactly sure about the guys wearing Duck uniforms in Dallas last weekend, because they were not the same guys wearing Duck uniforms today. Today, the Ducks were on fire and could do no wrong. A different team.

DT and I arrived at Autzen Stadium in our motorhome before 9 o'clock this morning. The Athletic Department assigned our group new tailgating spaces this season as they are building a soccer/lacrosse field in the stadium parking lot. (A few years ago, the University built a baseball park in the parking lot and moved us to new sites.) If this keeps up, there will be no parking at Autzen Stadium at all. Our new sites are okay. Not great. Far away from the stadium though. Our donation dollars seem to be getting us less and less every season. Dear University of Oregon: the games are on TV. Keep this up and your donors are going to stay home.

Rant over - on with the tailgating!

Our old friend, Mike, offered to cook for the gang this week. Since game-time was 12:30p, he decided to cook breakfast and then dinner after the game. Mike is famous for his culinary skills, so we all happily accepted his offer.

Mike prepared breakfast burritos - stuffed with chorizo, eggs, cheese, salsa and guacamole!

The breakfast burritos were very popular!

The non-meat/pork-eaters had cheese quesadillas. Delish.

Everyone was chowing-down and socializing. Can you see Autzen Stadium in the background? It was nearly 100 degrees today. Even with every awning extended, we just couldn't provide enough shade for our huge tailgating crowd - and our group was not really very big today, as school doesn't start for weeks.

Lisa sent this photo of Lenny and Leo watching the Ducks in Los Angeles. It is obvious, Leo is a huge Duck fan!

It was a great game. The Ducks won 69-20. The track team members (who also play on the football team) were complete awesomeness.

After the game, Mike served a huge pot of delicious chili, and provided the fixings for chili dogs as well. No one went home hungry and everyone was in happy moods after stomping the University of Nevada.

Back at the RV park... the moon was rising in a purple sky - the only odd benefit from all the forest fires in Oregon this week.

Until my next update, I remain, your sweaty correspondent.