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9 June: Tuesday

Indio, California: We woke very early this morning, as paver placement is happening on the build-out next door. Yes, the same build-out that started in October of 2019. 

We need our 8-year-old drop-down screens replaced/updated. Such a sad situation, but there are now scratches on the screens, and the sides of the screens have some-how come away from their zippered sides. We blame the wind.

We were both so busy today, with emails, bill-paying, exercising, and meeting with the screen repair team - our usual schedules of doing NOTHING was quite discombobulated!

Don't forget: Tuesday is ironing/change sheets day. With our visitors this weekend, nearly every dinner napkin, cocktail napkin, and kitchen towel needed to be washed.

With all that excitement, I still managed to configure an appetizer plate for My Driver... but Steve came over for socially-distancing cocktails... and the Farro Salad prepared for dinner was never served.

My bad.

If I actually MADE the salad, but we did not EAT the salad, can I not claim this meal as one of 86 meals in a row?

(WAIT: Last Minute Update: Dave had a bowl of the Farro Salad, so I am still good!) (Whew!)

No matter if we had salad this evening or not, the wind has disappeared, the temperatures are glorious, the skies are clear, and we enjoyed a perfect evening in the desert.

Until my next update, I remain, your peckish correspondent.

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