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9 July: Thursday

Indio, California: Today wasn't as crazy as the past few days. Usual morning routine, followed by phone calls, internet research/shopping, delivery tracking, and making even more appointments for service people to attend to things at the new house.

Drum roll please... I have a few photos to share with you - and they are NOT OF FOOD! Lucy was supposed to have her 3rd ballet recital last month. Due to the usual reason, her show was cancelled. Lisa did not skip a beat. Lucy had attended her ballet class every Saturday morning via video, so Lisa did not cancel the photographer hired for the recital photo-shoot. Instead of having the photos taken at the theater, the photographer came to their home.

Bolshoi still not phoning, but I think this is the best costume to-date... and it was never seen on stage. Lucy is really becoming quite the dancer too, and practiced her performance until she had it DOWN! Next year, Lucy, next year!

Dave and I went to the new house, to retrieve a few packages on the porch (bath towels), organize a few things, and by the time we returned to the motorhome, it was time for cocktails/dinner.

Since the temperatures were hovering around 105°, I decided it was Pimm's o'clock. (I do not use strawberries in my Pimm's cocktail - only lemon slices, orange zest, cucumber, and mint - because this is how Shirley served it to me in her garden in Surrey so many years ago.) (PS: lemonade is 7-UP.)

The mint in our garden is OUT OF CONTROL!

Usual tidbits to accompany our Pimm's cocktails

DT "cooked" dinner tonight. I marinated the Bola Squash from our CSA box, a few mushrooms, red onion, slices of peppers, and a few asparagus spears in olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, then Dave grilled the vegetables for our evening meal. We also enjoyed saffron rice with the veggies.

Watermelon, feta and mint salad

After dinner, Dave and I watched (recorded earlier today) another odd track & field meet, the Weltklasse Zurich Inspiration Games. The meet was held simultaneously in six countries, over 10 time zones. Let's say, one runner was in Florida. One runner was in Zurich. One runner was in The Netherlands. The starter's gun (somehow) went off at different venues at the same time, but the competitors raced alone on their tracks, yet still against other athletes on another part of the planet. Same thing with triple-jumpers, or pole vaulters, etc. Oddest dang thing, yet still fun, and still (somehow?) a track meet. We track fans are soooooo bored, during what would be the heat of the season. Most of the distances were odd-ball/rarely-raced events, like 150 meters, or the 3x100 relay (what?) (why?). No matter, we watched every second, and just when the meet was over, I saw a racer in Zurich being awarded a huge really big absolutely massive wedge of Gruyere cheese as a prize! Who wants a gold medal, when you can have a wedge of Gruyere the size of your head?

I'm going back into training.

More chores tomorrow and possibly a furniture delivery where the furniture may actually remain in the house, and not need to be taken away due to an error? Let's hope!

And, maybe, just maybe, I will be able to install a video doorbell?

Until my next update, I remain, your "dreaming of cheese" correspondent.

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  1. Your Grand Daughter is so beautiful! Its so sad we’re missing all these special occasions with our Grand Children during this pandemic. Keep the pictures coming of your new house and beautiful Grand Children:)

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