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7 April: Tuesday

Bogota, Columbia: Dave and I have been in isolation here in Indio for about three weeks now. Still relatively sane. Thank goodness we can still exercise (walk, jog, bicycle) inside our resort.... though the golf course, pools, spas, tennis courts, fitness center, restaurant/bar are closed, and all gatherings/exercise classes have been cancelled. Few campers remain. About 75 campsites are actually “occupied” with residents at this time. I came upon very few people on my walk/jog today.

The Coachella Valley is expecting 3-4 days of cold and rainy weather. Always welcome... but, dang, Mother Nature, it is April. Up to two feet of snow predicted in the surrounding mountains (always a good thing)... and already the usual-suspect roads have been closed due to wash-outs. We are safe in The Bubble and finished our exercising before the clouds burst.

To finish-up all the wheat-stuff in our larder before the Passover holiday, I made grilled cheese (with Tillamook Cheddar... because there is no other) and fresh tomatoes - with the sourdough loaf I baked Sunday. Such a great lunch.

We FaceTimed with the kids this evening. Lucy was so excited to tell us about the cake she had helped make with her Mom for Passover. When I asked Lucy how she could have cake during Passover, she was quick to let me know it was made without flour. Such a clever girl. Then the clever girl told us Easter was cancelled this year, so the Easter Bunny wouldn’t get THE coronavirus. Lucy then went on describing the Easter Bunny wearing gloves and a mask and all the germs he would leave along his bunny trail. Homeschooling.

Leo sent a photo of himself, wearing a rock-star wig (and not a lot else) using a broom to “hunt for squirrels” in the back garden. Apparently squirrels love to get into their avocado tree and chomp on the fruit. Jerks! Get ‘em, Leo! Me thinks the grandkids are getting a little cabin fever?

Poor Lisa and Lenny.

Since our dinner was left-over lasagna from last night (and not a far venture from a grilled cheese sandwich = carbs+cheese), there wasn’t a lot of prep for me today. Just as well. It was STAY HOME TUESDAY - the day to wash/iron all the kitchen linens and all the bedding as well. Third week in a row with exactly 14 napkins to iron. No dinner guests for three weeks. So odd.

With such a cheesy lunch and such a cheesy dinner ahead of us, I made a dairy-free plate of appetizers this evening: mixed nuts (my own mixture), artichoke tapenade on crostini, pickles & olives, radishes, carrots and cucumbers.

While exercising today, I listened to KPCC (the Pasadena NPR affiliate) and they had a few chefs as guests. The cooks were answering listeners questions about how to use stuff from their pantry during the lock-down. What can I make with barley? How long do I need to cook beans? I have a bunch of romaine and can’t stand another Caesar? Right up my alley! The romaine question was answered with an idea for grilling the lettuce heads, sliced in half. Good idea! We had not done this for years, so today I made a Caesar dressing and DT grilled a head of romaine I had sliced down the center. After he flipped the charred halves from the cut-side, I drizzled the dressing over the open leaves, sprinkled Parmesan over it all, and he left it on the grill for a few minutes as I plated the warmed-up lasagna.

Grilled romaine lettuce, with Caesar dressing and Parmesan

Passover begins tomorrow. Not sure how we will do without family nor matzo. Love Passover in the Time of Cholora Coronavirus.

Until my next update, I remain, your cheesy correspondent.

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    1. I bet they do, but I am not going out until we are out of food… long after the end of Passover. Thank you though. We love Gelson’s and may do our next shopping there.

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