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3 May: Sunday

Anywhere, USA: Day 49 of our confinement... though I actually left the compound. Mask. Gloves. Hand sanitizer. I drove to the La Quinta Farmers Market only to remember it closes after April.

Rat Farts.

Double Rat Farts.

At least our car had a little exercise today. BTW: totally unrelated, but my friend paid 89 cents for a gallon of gas yesterday in Junction City, Oregon. Maybe we should drive up there to fill up?

Speaking of exercise. Kudos to Leo and Lucy, who have not left their property except to jog around the block in over two months. They keep themselves very busy and active when finished with their 5-hour-long home schooling session. Will there be a “teacher of the year” award for all the parents who overnight became teachers? Leo repurposed the blow-up pool this afternoon:

Three seconds of fun

Our Sunday brunch was a waste-not extravaganza with the extra rice from the Miso Salmon from Friday night. I made a typical Filipino breakfast with scrambled eggs, garlic, (turkey) bacon, and green onion - all added to the left-over rice.

Every morning, all over Southeast Asia - this is breakfast.

Like Lisa, Mary & Steve (in Portland) are stepping-up their COVID Lock-Down appetizer game:

That icy cold beer looks so good. Nice combo, rookies!

Our appetizer plate tonight wasn’t too inspiring. No splash of color and nothing crunchy. Epic Fail. Left-over tuna salad on crackers, pickles, olives, feta (rolled in oregano - don’t ask - but it was good), smoked cheddar and Swiss. Snore.

My Exerciser came home today with a basket-load of lemons. So many abandoned campsites with trees dropping so much fruit. (Don’t want to put a “sour” note on this subject, but rats love to swoop-in and devour the citrus that falls from the trees, so it is important to keep the area under the trees clean.) Dave has brought home so much fruit the past few days, I insisted he juice it... which means I have been freezing it in flat containers and vacuum-sealing the packets. In Tablespoons. In cups. He squozzed 2 quarts of lemon juice today.

As long as we had so much lemon juice, I chose the largest item in our freezer to make room for frozen lemon juice: a package of chicken breasts with bones and skin. The breasts were marinated all day in lemon juice, rosemary from our garden, salt, and pepper. Dave grilled the chicken and I made a salad with the very last of our lettuce. The chicken was wonderful. Great job, DT!

Wow... and we only finished one.

I had groceries delivered on April 22nd. I think it is time. Tomorrow, I am going in.

Until my next update, I remain, your appetizing correspondent.

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  1. With DT’s bountiful lemon harvest, I suggest you visit Greece! My wife make a fantastic “Greek lemon soup” (aka Avgolemono) with chicken and rice – the lemons make it so refreshing!

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