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25 June: Thursday

Indio, California: The heat remains; the smoke from the mulch fire has eased. Another busy day doing not much.

I made dinner before lunch. My usual Gazpacho recipe, that I also served last month, except instead of using a 12 ounce bottle of V-8 and adding Tabasco sauce, I used a 12 ounce bottle of Spicy V-8. I know, really living my best life. Don't be envious of my wild impetuousness.

The Spicy V-8 is always kept on-hand as Lenny loves a Bloody Mary sometimes on the weekend. Lenny is not here, but his Spicy V-8 was. Don't waste food.

Surprisingly enough, the 12 ounce bottle of Spicy V-8 was not as spicy as adding a teaspoon of Tabasco sauce to a 12 ounce bottle of regular V-8. 

Now you know!

It was hot and I was lazy, so only put out a few nibbles for our cocktail snack tonight:

Pimento cheese on crackers, nuts & olives

But SOMETHING exciting happened today! Just as we were slurping down the last spoonfuls of icy cold gazpacho, the sky turned the most brilliant bright orange! I rushed outside to witness a spectacular sunset!

Few, if any, planes are seen overhead these days. We are under the flight-path to Jackie Cochran Airport (a small landing strip used mostly by private jets). Pre-COVID, we would see planes buzzing in and out of Jackie Cochran all day. No longer. It is a very quiet airspace over the Motorcoach Country Club now... which does make for contrail-free sunset photos.

A beautiful sunset to end a perfectly ordinary day. Until my next update, I remain, your bedazzled correspondent.

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  1. Yes! The sunset was incredible last night! You got some beautiful photos from your lot location. Thank you!

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