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22 September: No Update

Camp Verde, Arizona: Nothing to see here, people. Another rainy day. So wonderful for the area, not so wonderful for tourists. Must say, it is odd to have a good hair day in Arizona! The humidity is so high, my curls are out of control.

I remained indoors this morning (wimpy), but My Driver rode his bike to Montezuma’s Castle - taking the road to the National Monument up-and-down several times because he can. Dave is now removing his bandages while showering, and we team-up to re-dress the stitches, wrapping them up in protective gauze. Just a few more days, and the stitches can be removed. Possibly by me, and my fancy German needlepoint scissors?

Due to the stormy weather, we didn’t have much on the schedule today. Brunch. Every time we have visited Sedona, we have breakfast/brunch at The Coffee Pot. Basically a coffee shop, this iconic cafe has been feeding locals and tourists for 30 years.


The Coffee Pot Restaurant is famous for their 101 omelette choices. NO SUBSTITUTIONS! From the usual choices, to the unusual (peanut butter and jelly), you should be able to find a combination to suit your cravings. I always order #49 - green chile and cheese, with a side of salsa, and hash browns. DT just had a cheese and salsa omelette (basically a quesadilla with egg?).

Newspaper/menu at The Coffee Pot

It is always a fun time at The Coffee Pot. Our server told us to have an eggscelent day and she was eggcited to see us. There may have been a I’ve lots of yolks line, you crack me up, and then a comment that she has dozens of yolks to tell us. Too funny.

Does not explain Mimosas
Far, far right. Squint.

Behind The Coffee Pot Restaurant is the famous Coffee Pot sandstone formation (that resembles a coffee pot… or maybe a tea pot?). Interesting or not, street names at the base of the rock formation are Maxwell, Sanborn, Lipton, and Nescafé, etc.

The weather was seriously getting nasty after we drove up to the airport vista point to snap the above vista photo. Big thunder and nasty cracks of lightning. Driving on I-17, Dave needed to reduce his speed to a crawl as the rain was pelting-down with tropical force. So frightening.

A quiet afternoon in the bus. President’s Cup (that is golf) on TV. Needlepointing for me.

Dinner was a sheet pan pizza Margarita.

And a composed deli salad

We are leaving Sedona, and the rainy weather, behind tomorrow. Marcella cleaned our house and sent this photo of our accumulated mail today:

Ugh - time to go home

Until my next update, I remain, your high humidity correspondent.

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  1. That’ll be a longer than usual drive for you
    Camp Verde to Indio! 300 miles
    Hwy 17 to 74 to 303 to 10W
    Whew, safe travels 😎😎

  2. I trust that your gas stove has electronic ignition. Those magazines are awfully close to the pilot light, if there is one. Especially the magazines in the plastic mailers. Perhaps next time a basket on the floor for the magazines.

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