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22 August: Saturday

La Quinta, California: I send a curse to the Coronavirus today (and, basically, everyday), for making us miss not only Lenny's July birthday, Leo's August 2nd birthday, Lucy's 19 August birthday, and now Lisa's birthday today. Don't forget Poor DT not celebrating his Medicare birthday in April -  that was a ho-hum non-event. I'm next in October. Pretty sure we will not be having a party for my 65th.

We really wanted to have a day of rest today, and we mostly succeeded. Dave did go for a bike ride, but when he returned, we spent an hour relaxing in our pool and hot tub. Now, THAT is relaxing! Golf was watched on television. Groceries were delivered. Just resting and relaxing. Such a great change after all of our unpacking, organizing and moving-in.

After my rant last night about the knob-free upper kitchen cabinets, I realized there was not a photo of the situation for y'all to ponder:

If you wanted to open a cabinet door to reach a plate, where would you reach? Which side opens? Such a confusing mess. #worstcabinetsever

Problem resolved in a few days!

Good appetizers tonight. Three cheeses (Swiss, pepper jack, smoked mozzarella), hazelnuts & walnuts, black olives, dried figs, and grapes.

Dinner tonight was an experiment for a recipe I thought the grandkids would enjoy when we see them again. Orecchiette (little ears) pasta with fried garbanzo beans, sauteed spinach, garlic, etc. I think if I called this dish "beans in your ears" Leo and Lucy would eat it up (pun intended). Probably would have to tone-down the dried chili flakes (serve on the side for the adults), but otherwise, Leo and Lucy love everything in this recipe.

I made a half-recipe, but used less than 6 ounces of pasta. We just can't eat more than a cup of (dried) pasta these days. (I did add a bit of butter, though!)

Until my next update, I remain, your "I had a baby 39 years ago" correspondent.

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