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2019 Lots of Dreams

Indio, California: We woke to another gorgeous day! Yeah, maybe the bad weather is behind us? The kids slept late, then rode their bikes before we went up to the clubhouse for breakfast. Leo and Lucy think breakfast at our clubhouse dining room is the best thing ever. Unlimited miniature pumpkin muffins, and mounds of whipped cream on waffles.

Leo was quite interested in the kayak parked at our dock, and kept asking gramps for a ride. Though only temporarily stowing it for a pal, we did have permission to use the kayak. Dave took Leo out for a little spin in the electric craft.

But I made them come right back… no life jacket for Leo.

Time for a little swimming – in the pool at the Yacht Club – before our next activity:

2019 Lots of Dreams

The kids had to get back to Los Angeles this afternoon, but we found time to tour through a few of the new casita build-outs featured in the 2019 Motorcoach Country Club “Lots of Dreams” annual open house.

The scenario was a bit different this year: instead of every owner providing catered foods/nibbles and drinks (i.e. wine), one of the builders, Desert Isles, hired a caterer (and a beer vending trailer) to feed everyone and owners provided drinks (and snacks) at their sites if they desired.

Owners are always coming up with new fantastic ideas and this casita, below, is the very first in this resort to have a two-level living area.

This lot has a very steep slope down to the dock/lake, so the owners took advantage of the terrian
to create this fabulous space. Lucy is very interested in the three metal knight statues
in the windows above the staircase.

The kitchen is located on the upper level, along with a beautiful bathroom.

Mary and Captain Jim put a casita and enclosed living area on their lot this year. It features a full kitchen, large living area, a TV the size of Rhode Island, and a gorgeous bathroom with plenty of storage.

Living area, looking into kitchen.

Their build-out is also lacking something: a corner post on their structure – giving a totally unobstructed view from their living room across the lake to the golf course. Lucy’s leg is up on a long firewall – and the metal sculptures at each end are also fire features. This may be the largest paved patio area in the park. Lucy and Leo know Mary and Captain Jim, so made themselves at home and made quick work of the popcorn Captain Jim was serving.

Leo is checking out the popcorn and putting green, and is wondering
why Captain Jim has a putting green when Captain Jim does not golf?

There is one lot in the resort that is larger than all others. Someone finally built an amazing vacation “cabin” on the lot. The catered lunch was served in front of this roomy casita.

Leo has already found the bowl filled with lollies! The cabinetry in this build-out is stunning and the granite matched so well. I love the desk along the back wall.

Leo was mesmerized with their automobile-themed collectables on display.
This living area featured a curved television.

This large lot deserved a large pool – and this one is a stunner,
with a raised hot tub and lounge chairs for tanning.

Babe’s catered salads and pulled pork or chicken sliders.

Another water lot is decorated in very light/white shades. This site sits high above the lake.

I didn’t go in because the owners were not allowing drinks inside… but they were serving drinks…

Colleen snapped this photo of Leo and Lucy (and me) relaxing on the patio.
This site has an enormous long fire wall and a pretty fountain/water feature.

Dave and Lenny enjoying the view

Another light and airy build-out has a very clean and modern design. Love the unique light fixture!

The casita on this site is in the front and unattached to the living area.
The casita has a murphy bed and a beautifully tiled bath.

They also have a huge pool (and two teenagers).

The owners of this pretty new build-out are big-time snow skiers, and their build-out would be right-at-home on a mountain top.

The floor tile, dark woodwork and granite all tied-in together so well.

They have a pantry! Huge sink!

Best beer holder of the day

The last casita on our tour was also on the water. This couple also went with more traditional dark wood and beamed ceilings.

Living area with nice a stone work feature wall and fireplace.

Wet bar!

And the first time I have ever seen a hot tub with a moat around it – yes, that is a hot tub… and there is a fire pit in the center. Some people have such wonderful imaginations.

Now that the build-outs can be completely enclosed with glass and temperature controlled with heat/air conditioning, the sky is the limit. (This was not allowed seven years ago when we built our casita – three walls had to be open back in the day.) With the climate control, residential furniture can be utilized, instead of patio furniture – another game changer.

Every year, I am sure no one can think of anything new to enhance a living space at this resort, and every year I am wrong. No wonder why the Motorcoach Country Club is the finest RV resort in the world.

Until my next update, I remain, your impressed correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club

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