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2019 Christmas Golf Cart Parade

Indio, California: No, Dear Reader, I have not disappeared, just came down with a nasty cold a few days after Thanksgiving and was knocked on my tuches for a solid week. Did nothing. Did not leave our campsite. Hardly left the bus. Then, as I started to rally, remembered I had promised to lay-out the winter newsletter for Leo and Lucy’s elementary school. This is the third year in a row for me to volunteer for this job. I love reading the articles, stories, and poems the kids write – and some of the art work is truly spectacular. The 16-page color tabloid takes the better part of two days (for me) to assemble… then there are last-minute additions… editing… and I need a last name for Suzie… who is John’s teacher?… and other final changes. The newsletter has now been “put to bed” (newspaper lingo) and the students will receive their copies on the last day of school before they are off on a 3-week winter break. I am now free to catch-up on everything else (like blogging) that has been piling-up on my desk… and at several locations inside our motorhome.

The best news is the Ducks are going bowling! New Year’s Day in the Rose Bowl v Wisconsin. Dave ordered a block of tickets, and everyone in the family will attend… except for Lucy (no interest) and me (it’s on TV). The tickets are a ridiculous $265 each. Robbery!

Do you think one little guy is maybe a little over-excited to be attending the Rose Bowl game?

Leo is so crazy for Duck football, he watches replays of the games on Lenny’s iPad and sketches-down the plays in a notebook. Seriously? His Hanukkah wish list consists of an Oregon backpack, Oregon lunchbox, well, you get the theme.

This week, the Motorcoach Country Club had their annual Christmas Golf Cart Parade. There are usually over 20 participants, but this year many of the usual decorators are away, so only a handful of carts participated. Dave snapped photos for this blog:

All I had to do was wait for the sun to set, so the lighted carts could parade around the resort, and directly in front of our campsite… but then I noticed the color of the canal:

So I walked around the corner to the bridge (for a westerly vista) to take a photo of a most amazing sunset:

It really is one of the best parts about living in the Coachella Valley – several evenings per week, we see beautiful sunsets.

And then the parade began, and then it became so cold I started to cough, and went inside to the heated floor tiles in our motorhome.

The end.

Until my next update, I remain, your repairing correspondent.

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  1. So good to hear from you we’ve been missing the news from MCC and about your family
    Take care, get well soon, Happy Hanukkah 🕎
    Looking forward to seeing you in January
    Jim says he needs to talk to Leo and have Leo explain the play calling!!

  2. Happy to see you back writing on the blog, Terry. Hope you have survived the dreaded late fall desert cold. Nasty stuff! Still pretty soggy and foggy in western Oregon. Enjoy your winter and Go Ducks in the Rose Bowl.

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