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2015 Mardi Gras Golf Cart Parade

Indio, California: The Activities Committee in this resort is really on top of things. Always planning some sort of fun event, party, concert, dance, boating excursion, wine pairing, dinner party or outing - and though there are some repeat "annual" events, they are always coming-up with new fun activities. DT and I are really trying to attend more of the planned events, but it seems his our travel schedule rarely allows us to participate.

I had much more important things to do today anyway. Mary and Captain Jim finally arrived to the Motorcoach Country Club via Maui this afternoon. (Seriously, times are hard when you have to decide between Maui and Palm Springs for your winter holidays, don't you think?) Being a good friend, I asked them to dinner. They had been on the road four long days from Oregon. I knew they would be tired. I knew they would be hungry. I knew they would be busy settling-in to their campsite (charging batteries on their boat and golf cart) and would appreciate a home-cooked meal.

Mary and Captain Jim arrived to our campsite in plenty of time to set up folding chairs curbside for a good view of the golf cart parade. I served guacamole and chips while we waited for the parade to begin. As soon as we were seated, visitors crossed our lawn:

The female is up at the top left of the photo - hidden in shadows.
(Or I may just be a poor photographer.)

It was like the ducks knew they were amongst their own kind. The critters were not frightened of us, just hung around long enough to grab a few bugs from my garden and waddled off.


So the parade began! I must say there were hardly any entrants compared to the crowds parading last year, but it still was a very fun event.

This cart gave me a string of beads (NO! I did NOT!)

And the carts just kept coming around the corner

This cart had a Mardi Gras/St. Patrick's Day thing going-on

This cart had a Mardi Gras/Elmo/Easter thing going-on

This couple confessed they bought the last Mardi Gras decor remaining in the party supply shop.

So the golf carts headed back to the clubhouse for a Fat Tuesday dinner. Mary and Captain Jim gave a toast to their first beautiful evening at the Motorcoach Country Club...

... and I brought a bubbling dish of chicken enchiladas out of the oven (forgot to garnish with cilantro and sliced olives, sigh) and we had a great evening catching-up.

Tomorrow, I am driving to Los Angeles to see a certain little baby girl and her big brother.

Until my next update, I remain, your reacquainted correspondent.

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