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19 May: Tuesday

Mazatlán, Mexico: Ironing Day! Try to contain your excitement. Not only were the linens ironed, our bus was washed and waxed. Waxed! Twice a year. A perfect day for this task, as the temperatures barely made it into the 90s, and the crew showed-up well before we were even out the door for our exercising. Never mind they were schedule to appear TOMORROW morning. It is what it is. There was some-sort of excuse offered at showing-up a day early, but it made no difference to us. It’s not like we were going anywhere. Had something to do. An appointment. A meeting. A gala to attend. We did not.

Brother Steve, in Colorado, phoned today to let me know it was hotter at his house than it was at my house. Crazy hot in Boulder. Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago he had 8-inches of snow? The weather in Colorado is so unpredictable.

Our winds continue. They calmed for our cocktail hour, but started up again by the time dinner was served. Taco Tuesday = Mexican food again this Tuesday.

Guacamole appetizer
Salad with tomatoes, red onion and anchovies -
drizzled with olive oil, and topped with black pepper.
We have SO MANY tomatoes right now.

Dinner tonight was an old one from my recipe bank: Turkey Enchilada Meatballs.

The onions were a bit over-powering this evening, so I will have to re-think this recipe before posting. Or it may have just been this particular onion?

I forgot to share an activity from our weekend with the kids. I had puzzles made at Shutterfly from photos of Leo and Lucy.

I made a mistake by ordering the 252-piece version. A larger/kindergarten-friendlier version is available. We were able to get about half of Lucy’s puzzle together before the crew needed to return to Los Angeles. Lucy’s hair is a nightmare as a jigsaw puzzle. I now assume Leo’s will be as well. Don’t even think about that blue shirt. Hopefully, Lenny and Lisa will deal with this “fun family time” activity in Los Angeles.

But how fun is it to have a puzzle of your FACE???

Ironing Day was so exciting! I did not iron the same 14 dinner napkins and the same 14 cocktail napkins. We had a switch-out. I ironed many GO DUCK dinner napkins as well - and many, many cocktail napkins.

Since our bus waxing happening today, there is nothing on the calendar for tomorrow.

Until my next update, I remain, your overly-booked correspondent.

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  1. Your Turkey Enchilada Meatballs is one of my husband’s favorites. I’ve never noticed an issue with the onions. My recipe, captured from your site many years ago, uses 1/2 cup onion for 1 1/4 pounds of ground turkey.

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