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19 July: Sunday

La Quinta, California: I know some of My Readers are anxious to see photos of our new house, complete with organized cupboards, perfectly-placed sofas, fluffy duvets, and probably a bowl of ripe peaches somewhere. A bouquet of fresh flowers? Not gonna happen. Would you want anyone to see your new place on Day 3 of your move? No! It will take a while. I did take one photo in the kitchen today - for Lenny:

I told Lenny we were ready for football, but I guess football wasn't ready for us. Next year?

Dave and I worked at the house for seven hours today - well over our 5 hour limit. We must stop this madness! Slow down, old people!

We did have our first meal cooked in our new house today. Not on purpose. I had so much beef barbacoa left-over from last night. I vacuum-sealed/froze enough for another taco dinner, then saved the rest for a nacho lunch. Instead of returning to the bus for lunch, I grabbed a (parchment-paper-lined) quarter-sheet pan, tortilla chips, the barbacoa, salsa, shredded cheese (in a bag!) and the remainder of the chopped cilantro and onion from last night's repast.

So it was easy enough to prepare the nachos. I figured-out how to start the oven and popped the prepared nachos in the hot oven... then had to figure out potholders (new microfiber work-bench towels). I had unpacked plates earlier in the day, and had unearthed the sterling silver... so we had plates and forks. Fancy!

It was a worthy meal. We ate outside, on our camping chairs, staring at our beautiful pool. Again, we had bathers and pool towels... and a bottle of wine. Ready to take the plunge after finishing our unpacking.

Didn't happen.

We were very close, but knew if we didn't leave at 5p, we would be there until dark. No rush. Just go home, have something to eat, and rest. At 5p, I had nearly 9000 steps on my pedometer, and I did not exercise this morning. Not so much the steps that are tiring, its all the standing and bending at the waist that is the KILLER.

Again, I had an easy dinner planned and everything ready to go: roasted vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, red onion, red pepper, garlic, and rosemary - in olive oil). We ate the vegetables along with a tomato salad. The left-over roasted veg were minced and added to a bit of red sauce, which will - one day, from the freezer - become another yummy meal over pasta.

Roasted vegetables
Tomato Salad with "torn" Kalamata olives

Okay, this is an old joke, but I can't help myself: tonight, after putting dinner in the oven, Dave and I sat down to enjoy a cocktail (and the taped golf tournament). I said: I LOVE YOU. Dave asked if that was me, or my martini talking? I replied it was me, talking to my martini.

I crack-up every time I hear this joke.

(I totally love DT though.)

Until my next update, I remain, your dragging correspondent.

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  1. Another ‘killer’ is standing and walk on, for hours,
    day after day on stone floors that are laid on cement.
    Ouch! Your probably smart and have on good
    walking shoes.
    I’m sure it’s all going to be so very nice!

    1. Birkenstock’s! Still tired legs and lower back, but a good sleep cures it so far. Thank you!

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