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19 April: Sunday

Naples, Italy: The winds stopped overnight and we had the most wonderful day! (Well, as wonderful as a day can be if you never leave your confines.) Dave rode his bike for 15+ miles inside The Bubble, while I walked. Then, Dave walked an additional 2 miles with me. I covered my 10000 steps, and he covered more miles+cardio than most.

I walked in an “old” dri-fit tee:

Since acquiring (gifted to me) this shirt last year, the IAAF (International Amateur Athletic Federation) have changed their name to WORLD ATHLETICS. Probably a good thing, since there has been nothing “amateur” about track and field (called athletics in every country except America) since the late 70’s. Nothing. Except for the very-few random still-in-college athletes competing in international meets, every runner/jumper/thrower is a professional athlete.

And the 2021 World Track & Field (aka ATHLETICS) Championships, to be held in Oregon, have now been (COVID-19) moved to 2022... so now: OREGON22. I am offering this shirt for sale for 2.1 million dollars. Please contact me if you are interested. All reasonable offers will be considered. I can provide off-shore banking instructions to the best serious offer.

While we were chowing-down on the left-over Mapo Tofu after our exercise, Captain Jim and Mary did a drive-by. They dropped-off gorgeous strawberries from the farmers market, and cans of soda water (we are out of chargers for our Sodastream machine!), and another bottle of Dave’s favorite vino. All we had to trade were a few cans of tuna from Fisherman’s Direct. Still, I think everyone was happy with the deal. One of the tins was smoked albacore! So delicious. The strawberries were huge and completely red throughout. Sweet and warm! Thank you, Mary & Jim!

In Coronavirus times, we resort to the barter system.

Tonight, I am going to brag about our Lovely Lisa. Not only has she (and Lenny) turned into a teacher Monday-Friday, Lisa has been turning-out delicious meals for her locked-down family - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - for 38 days now. Today, she baked crackers, and made a cheese platter worthy of any Hollywood cocktail party:

As a comparison: here is the app plate I made for her Father:


We have been not eating pizza on pizza night for several weeks, so tonight I made my old trusty dough, and made a simple pie with red sauce, mozzarella and turkey pepperoni.

I put the crust in a well-oiled 1/4-sheet pan (13x9-inch) and set the convection oven to 500°. Baked for 10 minutes. This might explain the dark spots on the pie. The crust - due to the olive oil on the base - was crispy, with a bit of crunch along the edges. Very nice.

Really needed some sort of garnish?

There was a salad as well, but it was just a salad with a lot of avocado. We live in California. We eat a lot of avocado.

We are staying in Italy for another night, before returning to Mexico.

Until my next update, I remain, your Napoli correspondent.