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14 June: Sunday

Indio, California: Day 90 in the books! It has been 90 days since we have been out to a restaurant, nail salon, hair dresser, doctor, dentist... well, anywhere except a grocer or to tour a house for sale.

I am sure My Mother probably did the same thing for weeks-on-end, with five kids - except we had combined meals/picnics/birthday parties/holiday parties with relatives and friends. We didn't go out (to restaurants) much when we were kids (I'm 64.) Did you? (Please comment below.)

The school newsletter is F I N I S H E D!

Turned into a pdf file and uploaded (by Lisa) to some-sort of host, so all the parents can view the amazing art and stories their kids have submitted to the newsletter in the usual Monday morning email from the elementary school. I also get this email, so will no-doubt view the result with my coffee tomorrow morning.

My Letter of Resignation was also submitted this afternoon.

What happened outside this morning happened without me. I didn't leave the bus until the afternoon. No workout. No fancy Sunday breakfast, no nothing - except school newspaper. The weather has been cooperative the past few days. Temperatures just over 100 degrees and little wind. We are able to spend the evenings in the casita with the ceiling fans on TURBO.

Do you remember when I wrote about the pasta Lisa gave us a few months ago? Sagne a Pezzi? This pasta shape is described as the "rags" from the edges of lasagna noodles, and is suggested to be served with butter and Parmesan. I have served this pasta twice already with heavier sauces, so tonight decided to serve it as suggested. My Driver just loves pasta with butter/olive oil, cheese, and dried chile flakes. Not to mention, this meal is fast and requires basically zero work for any chef who can boil water.

Really a fun pasta. 

To compensate for the easy entree, a more interesting salad was prepared. Melissa Clark's (New York Times, again!) recipe for Sugar Snap Peas With Yogurt, Feta and Dill was the choice tonight. It was good, but maybe not a good combination. We did eat it all (half-recipe), but it will not go into the rotation. I love every ingredient in this salad, but it was just SOUR!

It was pretty!

After spending a week glued to my laptop, what will I do tomorrow? (Certainly not going to Disneyland!) Maybe I will exercise and cook something fun for dinner? Ya'know... like what I have done for basically the past 90 days? Indian food on the menu!

Until my next update, I remain, your resigned correspondent.

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  1. We rarely went out to eat when growing up, as in almost never. We did socialize mostly with family and we attended church functions–lots of them! My Mom worked and yet she cooked every meal we ate, every single one.

  2. Back in “ the day” there wasn’t the abundance and variety of restaurants we have( before C 19) within easy distance of our homes. A big family dinner out was to go to the HOME PLATE for family type entrees or a hamburger. The only other near by restaurants was a street full of Chinese Restaurants !
    Besides Mom was home all day so she had time to fix meals
    Oh BTW we all went to the grocery store weekly and had a milk and a vegetable truck come by the house twice a week

  3. Growing up on a farm, it was just about unthinkable to go out to eat. Maybe a chinese restaurant once/year, and an occasional stop at the Steer Inn drive-in on our way home from in town. And we now do not eat out very often. There is only one good upscale restaurant nearby (as in about five miles away) and most others are mediocre. We do order takeout from a small greek restaurant because they do a superb job with their gyros.

  4. On another note: I know you are weary of posting your blogs, but please know that I seek out every one of them. Although no longer an RVer, I am always interested in your meals/food/kitchen posts and appreciate your well-presented information and lovely photos. Being a grandparent, I appreciate every little item about your two darling grandchildren.

    1. I agree with Helen. Your blog is the first thing I open when I turn on my computer! Always interesting even if “nothing much” is going on! The only time we ate out (60+ years ago) as a kid, was at McDonalds for lunch on the 400 mile drive from our home to visit my Grandparents. Maybe 3 times a year. Mother worked nights as a nurse so they didn’t have to hire a baby sitter. Don’t know how she did it – had the wringer type washing machine, line drying also!

  5. Totally agree with Helen. Love your recipes! Growing up in a family with 6 kids, we didn’t eat out often. Thankfully, both my parents and numerous relatives were great cooks. Thanks for your posts Terry.

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