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14 August: Friday

La Quinta, California: Thought it was Thursday all dang day. Didn't realize it was Shabbat until way past time to light candles. This just needs to stop. I hope, very soon, to be back to a normal life. As Jimmy Buffett would say: I can't run at this pace very long.

We are getting some-sort of run-around from ADT. We hired them to upgrade the security system in this house and they installed everything we asked, set us up, etc. Then, while looking over the contract, My Driver discovered we were charged $380 for equipment that was not installed. There have been countless phone calls, holds, hang-ups, disconnections, re-routings, etc., until Dave finally reached a human. The human would not take Dave's word that the equipment was not installed, but said a representative would come out (today; 8a) to confirm. Really? Couldn't they just ask the installer? What we need right now is another person inside our house during a pandemic. So, we waited and waited today, and - of course - the double-checker never appeared. Dave was on hold for another hour this afternoon, plus on-line chatting, and still the issue is not resolved. They keep promising $200 VISA gift cards every time an installer/worker does not show-up, plus another $200 VISA gift card for having our system installed. They now owe us $600 in gift cards. Bet we will never see that cash. Is this anyway to run a business?

Trying to juggle exercising/showering for two people while making sure someone is always home/dressed to meet the scheduled worker is never fun. Today, it was just annoying. I think removing their scheduled monthly payment from my bank register may be the only way to get their attention?

So annoying.

Wait. Did I say that already?

I played with my new floor machine today - a Hoover cordless FloorMate. This thing vacuums and mops at the same time. The battery runs for about 40 minutes (so I ordered an extra one) and we feel it did a good job on the travertine tile. Interesting thing about travertine - it is a natural stone, so there are often things (millions-of-years-old things) that you may suspect are dried droplets of coffee, or spilled something, but it is just a fossil or another stone deposit of some sort. Surely I will soon learn what is a mess v natural formation on our floors. I hope so. But, wow, did the machine make quick work of any spills/stains we have made. I cleaned the kitchen, back hall, laundry, dinette and most of the family room before the first battery wore out. Though only a trial-run, I think I will like this machine. It is easy to use, light-weight, cordless, and will make quick work of a big task (in case you missed it: there is no carpet anywhere in our new house - only travertine. Travertine in the closets. Pantry. Laundry.) Hopefully, post-pandemic, we will be able to have Maricela's crew clean our house. Until then? It's just me, and my machine.

Today, in Monaco, a Diamond League track meet happened. We are not sure, exactly, how it happened, as Europe has banned most non-EU citizens from entering, but all-sorts of Americans and Africans were in the principality. Only 5000 fans were allowed into the massive stadium (Prince Albert was there, of course), and every fan sported a mask. Best thing? A world record in the men's 5000m - 12:35.36! Joshua Cheptegei (Uganda) broke Kenenisa Bekele's (Ethopia) SIXTEEN YEAR OLD WORLD RECORD today. Amazing thing too, as there is no reason to set a world record in a season with no championships, nor Olympics. (Well, cash-money is always a good lure.)

For your viewing pleasure, Joshua Cheptegei’s World Record. I've watched it four times. So far.

I love this sport! 

I suppose we should have had French food tonight to honor the very generous and kind patron of the Monaco event (Prince Albert is a huge track & field fan), but we had Mexican.

Margaritas (3 ounces Patron Silver, 2 ounces orange liquor, 1 ounce freshly-squeezed lime juice) and individual cups of re-fried bean dip+chips. Double-dipping-friendly!

Dinner tonight was a mix between the chile rellano casserole (made famous by my mother-in-law) and my basic quiche recipe. I used individual au gratin baking dishes (each hold about one cup). The bottom of each (oiled) dish was sprinkled with one ounce grated pepper jack cheese. Then I mixed two eggs, 1/4 cup half-and-half, and a pinch of salt, together with two (drained) four-ounce cans of diced green chilies. This batter was divided between the two au gratin dishes, a little grated cheddar was showered over the top and the quichy-things were baked for 30 minutes at 375°.

Lots of individual baking dishes tonight!

Garnished tonight with sliced black olives and cilantro leaves. I think a splash of red salsa would be nice as well, but didn't go there tonight.

I think any third grader can do the math on this one: each casserole needs 1 ounce of cheese (about 1/4 cup shredded) for the bottom/crust layer. Then one egg, pinch of salt, 2 tablespoons half-and-half, one 4 ounce can drained diced green chilies for the filling, and a handful of cheddar for the top. It was puffy and good.

An anchovy-friendly Caesar salad was served with the quiche tonight. Though popular in Italian cuisine, the Caesar Salad originated in Mexico. Tijuana, actually... by an Italian immigrant. You can't make this stuff up.

Until my next update, I remain, your happy track fan correspondent.

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  1. I wonder if Kory Tarpenning (Oregon vaulter) is still living in Monaco. Thought of him when I read Monaco/track and field.

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