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13 July: Arrived Eugene

TrackTown, USA: Dave brought his folding bike on this trip, knowing we would be away for quite a while, and cycling is his favorite form of exercise these days. After traversing the lonely 15-mile road to the Lava Beds National Monument in our car yesterday, he was itching to ride. I remained "home" and began to put things away and ready ourselves for a late departure (he always rides at least an hour). After driving for days through hundreds of miles of forests and fields, and past hundreds of DEER CROSSING signs, we finally saw a few deer - in the campground! Then a few quail. Too much excitement.

While My Biker was away, I used the remaining potatoes (that I did not mash) from last night to create a yummy breakfast hash with potatoes, red and green peppers, and a few sliced chicken-sage breakfast sausages.

Oh, maybe a little Tillamook sharp cheddar on top

This was a delicious way to refuel after a long ride. Dave loved it and loved that we were ready to roll after he showered. Our drive today was long, but oh so pretty. We continued north on 395 through Klamath Falls, then took a left to cross the Cascades on Highway 58. Winding road, but with enough turn-outs we didn't hold up much traffic. A few rhododendrons and dogwood were still blooming. We found a shady turnout on the side of the road, along the North Fork of the Willamette River, to rest and have a bit of food again around 2p, and arrived to Eugene in plenty of time to get situated.

Our home for the next two weeks

Another night of the Tour de France and another bad pizza. Since our oven can't reach the set temperature (remember, we had this issue on our last trip, so bought an oven thermometer?), I think our pizza-baking days are over. Testing the oven later, the temperature was set to 425°. Twenty minutes later, the oven beeped to signal it had reached 425°. The oven thermometer read 350°. I left the oven to heat and it took another 30 minutes to reach 425°. This is exactly the same issue we are having with our home oven... but a kitchen remodel is in our future, so I'll just wait until a new oven is installed. Maybe Brian has an idea for our RV oven. Such an energy waste.

Until my next update, I remain, "thank goodness I don't need an oven to make a martini" correspondent.

RV Park: Premier RV Resort - I-5, exit 199, just north of Eugene. We have stayed here countless times. 15 minutes to University of Oregon campus. Full-service paved pull-through and front-in sites. Bathhouses, laundry, pool in season, dog parks, dog wash, self-service car wash area, new (really nice) pavilion with kitchen facilities. There are a lot of live-ins. Store with a few food items and ice. Many weekend activities. We are paying about $49 per night on a weekly rate.

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  1. Have you tried a convection oven? It preheats super fast and cooks faster as well. Glad you made it to Eugene. Now it’s time to relax.

    1. This is a convection oven, electric oven and microwave combo. GE Advantium.

  2. We had a GE Adventium in our Tour and it took FOREVER to reach temperature!
    Guess when our favorite cleaning ladies trashed the first one it by spraying oven cleaner in it I should have replaced it with something different
    In fact I now have 2 counter top electric ovens sitting in storage
    Want one?
    Actually just get a small air fryer since you know how to use one
    Enjoy the martini 🍸🍸🍸

  3. Well, my mother always said, ‘ don’t buy GE products ‘. Lol
    Not sure that can be verified .
    Your home space in Eugene looks very pleasant.

  4. haha! Please keep us posted about your oven journey, the house version included. I am having exactly the same problem and would love to hear what you decide on for the house….

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