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11 June: Thursday

Oslo, Norway: Most of my day was spent assembling the newsletter for Leo and Lucy's elementary school in Los Angeles. I'm plowing-away, but there is still much work to do. Happily, there is also no serious deadline. Usually the Spring edition is handed-out to the students on the last day of school (which is tomorrow)... but no students at school... and this issue will be emailed as a pdf, so I get to have a few extra days to complete the task.

This is the last time I will be volunteering for this job... but, I say this every year.

Dave and I watched a track meet from Oslo this evening. Titled The Impossible Games, the meet was held in an empty (fan-free) stadium. Racers were placed in every-other lane, but there were never more than four athletes in a race (and a pacer or two sometimes). Mondo was vaulting inside the stadium; Renaud was vaulting in his garden outside Paris. They even held an odd 2000m race between Norway and Kenya... except the Norwegians were racing in the stadium, and the Kenyans were racing in another empty stadium in Kenya. The times for the first three finishers on each team were tallied to determine the winner. The Norwegians won. I know. Maybe the meet was named appropriately?

No matter, it was still more entertaining than watching the evening news.

Other exciting developments? Our gardener has removed the last of the poor over-heated yellow pansies. They were so pretty in October when planted, but by May they are looking pretty sad. I think Daniel keeps them in the ground until about five minutes after we leave for the season.

So this is how most of the flower beds in this resort look these days. They look just like dirt.

I hadn't been to the grocer in over a week, but was so swamped today, I took the last remaining steak from the freezer. DT grilled it, I steamed broccoli, and made a tomato salad.

The steak, purchased at Whole Foods, was as large as a roast! It was also really thick, so it was really too bloody for my tastes. Lunch tomorrow - we didn't even finish half.

Did you really need to see a photo of broccoli?

No idea what was going on in my little mind when I came-up with this "recipe" for a salad tonight. I had about four limp basil leaves, and decided to use a balsamic vinegar... until I decided to use fig balsamic vinegar. The limp basil was barely enough to even garnish a salad, so I just minced it up and added it to the dressing. Hmmm. What else to use? Dried figs! Okay, so it wasn't the prettiest salad in the world - even with toasted pine nuts as a garnish... but after making a salad for about 90 nights straight, I'm running out of ideas.

And basil.

Back to the newsletter.

Until my next update, I remain, your depleted correspondent.

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  1. You’re such a good grandmother to do that newspaper. I’d enjoy that for something productive to do! Thanks for the tip on the Impossible Games. My husband loves track and field so he found it and recorded it. Now he has golf and that to watch. He’s jazzed!

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