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11 August: Tuesday

La Quinta, California: Another crazy day. Beginning at 6a, and still going strong. We were expecting a tech to arrive at 8 o'clock this morning to re-seal the exterior doors (weather-striping). I think there are eight exterior doors (one of them is a French door). Kyle arrived late, but went straight to work. Happily (COVID-19), most of his work was completed out-of-doors, so our (masked) contact was minimal. Tuesday is my "change sheets and wash/iron kitchen linens" day, so I had many irons (no pun intended) in the fire today... plus, I prepped gazpacho for our evening meal... which is how I tried to slice off the tip of my left-hand ring finger while chopping an onion. (Use the right tool for the job, Terry!) The finger tip survives, but it was a total pain the rest of the day to bake a focaccia, make chicken stock from last night's bird, clean pots, shower, etc, with a bandaged left hand/wearing a disposable glove. I feel the wound needs some of that glue-stuff for sliced-open-fingers, but there is no way in hell I am going to emergency for a cut finger during a pandemic.

Things just continued to go south all day. I made a focaccia. Didn't use my own recipe, and should have know better when the recipe called for 450 degree heat. Way too hot. Burned on the top.

The ottoman for our chair/ottoman situation was delivered. But not the chair. We will wait, but we will keep the packaging for the ottoman, just in case. The chair is due to be delivered "white glove" - meaning the chair will be delivered indoors and all the packaging will be taken away. Meanwhile, we have a very pretty ottoman.

Short girls love ottomans.

Our new country club signed-up for a group "deal" with the local cable company. This new deal became available yesterday. Never mind that we had just recently received cable boxes last week (in the mail). Our boxes needed to be returned/exchanged for new. Isn't this supposed to be the greatest country in the world? DT did this task after the door tech left this afternoon.

Dave's work-out was an early-evening swim in the pool after he returned from the cable company. I set-up the TV cable box while DT had his swim. I didn't walk/jog today at all... yet I had 9000 steps on my fitbit before dinner, and - oddly - had nine flights of stairs recorded. There isn't a step in this entire house. We are at 30 feet elevation. This has never happened at all. Ever. Blaming barometric pressure? Cluster earthquakes on the Salton Sea? So random.

The dining room and living room are coming together.

Focaccia Bread

We didn't starve. Another yummy vegan meal. There was a (old re-run) track meet on television. Our cable works!

I am taking tomorrow morning off. David is golfing with his Motorcoach Country Club cohorts at a fancy golf resort.

Until my next update, I remain, your sliced correspondent.

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  1. You can buy a “liquid bandage” at Walgreens. I’ve used it for a knife cut on my thumb. Oddly, done will cutting onions. LOL

  2. The living room/dining room photo shows a room very well put together, very welcoming and comfortable.

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